Pre-orders and putting money aside

Hello all,

I had an idea for a feature that I would find incredibly useful, not sure if others would find it as useful so I thought I would share it here!

I regularly pre-order things on Amazon, mostly video games and the like that may be released months later. When I place the pre-order I set the money aside in a separate account to my current account. The problem I have is that I will often forget about the release date and so don’t transfer the money back into my current account when Amazon charge me for the item.

What would be amazing would be if Mondo allowed you to sing in and link your Amazon account so that it is aware of any pre-orders then can hold that money separately from your main account. When Amazon put through the charge for the pre-order it would come out of that separate pool of money.

What do you all think?


Sounds like an interesting idea although I’m not sure how many people would use it…

This wouldn’t be linked to your amazon account but would be a way of making sure you had the money available.

That’s a great idea, I pre-order games too (I pre-ordered Uncharted 4 back in 1976, the original release date) and then the payment comes and you don’t know where that came from.

If we can ever connect with your Amazon account that would be fixed because we could audit that pre-order, detect if the release date changes and things like that.

The alternative would be to let you set aside budget manually, via goals, rainy day jar or a similar metaphor. We’ll work on that soon :slight_smile:


Just like to say that I’d also love something like this. I always forget when I preorder things!

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Showing a true balance taking into account future transactions would be really useful for the future when Mondo becomes a full bank.

My balance might say £1000 but I’ve actually only got £400 because my mortgage payment is due to come out before my next pay packet. That’s an extreme example but I’d love that to be a future plan for Mondo. I’m terrible at managing money and unless I stop to think I don’t consider what needs to be in my account.

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Yup. This does sound like a great idea (I also occasionally pre-order… (No Man’s Sky :rocket:)

For those who are shocking at managing money, having your account “freeze” rent/mortgage and any Direct Debit/SO payments due after your wage goes in, could potentially be very useful.

Surely the banks would hate this - it’d reduce income from overdrafts etc?

I do like this idea to have it sitting in a little pot - earning a little interest on top would also be great!

With summary being a thing now, I would love to be able to add planned one-off expenditures (such as pre-orders, yearly subscriptions that haven’t had their first payment yet, etc). Not just for the current month, but for months in advance, so then Summary will already include it in its prediction (reducing my spare money accordingly).

In an ideal world, I’d want to be able to put in other currencies too, as I pre-order from Japan a lot, but that’s probably a lot more limited in audience haha.