Set aside balance for upcoming bill payments

I currently bank with first direct with various fixed phone/mortgage/loan/gym/sky payments that fall all over the month and I use a little spreadsheet on my phone to remind myself what charges are to come.

This is a feature idea for when Mondo is a full current account I guess but how about a kind of balance partition, with an automatic ‘set aside’ balance for upcoming fixed bill payments that fall before your next payday. Mondo could recognise the reccuring card payment, direct debit or standing order and automatically deduct it from the set aside balance, leaving the main balance showing what you’re actually able to spend that month.

I appreciate the priority of keeping the app straightforward and intuitive, and maybe this isn’t, but maybe you could hide a toggle somewhere in settings to switch this feature on as I’d find it enormously helpful and I’m sure I’m not the only one


+1 - I do exactly this, spreadsheets and all, so would love to be able to partition my Mondo account into sections so that i know what’s money reservered for bills and what’s for play!


I also like this idea. Setting money aside would be a great help for me


Thanks a lot for sharing this idea, it’s really great. It’s totally in our roadmap :sunglasses:

We want to give you at some point account segregation (jars, pots, goals) so you can create “subaccounts” for different purposes. Maybe even at some point we let you share those with other people, so you can have a jar shared with your flatmates, where everybody can chip in and get track of the expenses, etc.

It’s going to be awesome :slight_smile: