iTunes Delayed Payments

Whilst this is not a Monzo issue, I thought I would create a topic on it here. iTunes is my worst enemy, not because I spend loads with them, but because payments aren’t processed automatically when you buy something. Some get grouped together, and yes I understand you get an emailed invoice but most times that’s after the payment has come out and I’m sat scratching my head.

Anyone else find this frustrating or found a better way to manage it?


I find this frustrating too!

I expect I’ll manage these payments by setting aside the money for the upcoming payment virtual saving pot which is on the roadmap here.
But setting the money aside manually is the same kind of friction that stopped me from budgeting, until the targets feature arrived.

It would be great if there was a way to deal with these payments automatically & the discussion about Amazon payments raised a similar issue with some potential solutions being discussed but nothing that could be implemented straight away

Just to tie everything together, I raised the issue of managing pending payments here too.


Agreed. This is annoying. I’m still waiting on them to take my money from 10 days ago. Most people would be happy with money not being taken, but it’s more of a nuisance when you know it will be and have to mentally update the balance post transaction.

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It would be nice if iTunes, Amazon, CrowdCube, Seedrs etc gave people a choice of:
Charge Now
Charge Later

Then those who don’t want the payment taken days or weeks later can pay straight away!

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