Locked Amazon account unable to verify ownership of the card


So Amazon locked my account as I tried to purchase an item, then they sent me an email asking for a bank statement to prove ownership of the card. So I sent them my most recent statement however, they said they’re unable to use it for verification as it does not show the last 4 digits of my card. Is there any way around this?

How strange. I’ve not known any bank statement show my card details. In my experience it has always been the account number and sort code.

If you contact Monzo in app I imagine they will be able to help with this :slight_smile:


What a seemingly pointless request on Amazon’s part. I mean I would just open up MS Paint and add it but you should contact in-app help and see if they can generate one for you with it on?

You’re not ordering from amazon.de are you? A quick Google shows a fair few issues with that version asking for stuff like this specifically.

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Bank statements never show card details. Why would they? It sounds like the sort of thing Amazon would need for a credit card, but it can’t be done for debit cards.


I was trying to make a purchase on the US amazon and yeah I’ve contacted monzo using the chat function now, just waiting for a reply

I just had a thought, maybe they’re mistaking the card for a credit card because it’s a mastercard

I wouldn’t want anything sent through the post to contain my entire card details except the card itself (which is sent in an inactive state for that reason). It’s a really odd request and I suspect just someone at amazon getting things wrong.

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