Amazing non-Monzo customer service

We all know that Monzo aces customer service, but I thought it might be nice to recognise amazing service from other financial institutions, too!

I’ll go first: a year or two ago, a direct debit failed on my Norwich & Peterborough current account, which meant that my Virgin credit card wasn’t paid.

Long story short, it ended up being N&P’s fault, but the personal way that they investigated, owned up and settled up financially - including fees levied by Virgin and an offer of some extra cash for my trouble without me needing to ask was exceptional. Contrast this with Virgin, who made me feel like I’d done something wrong and was treated very badly (“well if you feel like that I’ll ask my manager to consult the recordings of your conversations”). What was initially N&P’s issue made me feel more loyal to them, and made me cut all ties to Virgin.

(Sadly, N&P was in the process of closing their current accounts which, in a way, made it more impressive as they weren’t trying to retain me as a customer).

Given that it’s usually easier to complain about what’s gone wrong rather than praise good stuff, does anyone want to tip the scales and share some praiseworthy experiences?


The chap in my corner shop opens his Post Office counter Sunday mornings.:grinning:


Freetrade. So helpful and lovely :blush: Messed up typing my reference on my first transfer and they were great, as they have been every time I’ve contacted them since


Tesco credit card customer service is great - they’re based in Glasgow/Edinburgh I think! What Scottish people aren’t lovely :wink:

Few times my payment bounce and they’ve even credited me the charge back! Really friendly and happy all the time when I’ve spoken to them!


Tesco Bank services from Glasgow, Sainsbury’s from Edinburgh!

I’m gonna be honest here and say I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a poor customer experience. :confused:


Thought Tesco had some in Edinburgh (given there’s an office at the gyle)

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I only thought Edinburgh as my reference is TESCO CREDIT CARD EDINBURGH lol

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I didn’t think they serviced calls from there but could be wrong! Anyway off topic! :smiley:

Birmingham Midshires have good friendly customer service

You mean every day? :wink:

Does it have to be financial institutions? Amazon was the first company I thought of. Santander generally have been quite nice and helpful when I do contact them, but it takes awhile to connect if it’s not a card emergency. They’re a ton better than PayPal that has you speaking to a bot that mishears you and never ever puts you through to an agent, that’s for sure.

Actually that’s just reminded me of a bad Amazon experience I had recently - locker pickup code expired and they said it would take two days to generate a new one. Was faster just to have them pickup the parcel and refund it while I ordered the package again. Was a tad disappointing :confused:

4 Likes for books. They’re often cheaper than Amazon, too.

I received a book that was damaged in transport. A quick email and they sent a replacement straight away, told me to give the damaged book to a charity shop.

Thanks, I was going to order from Amazon this weekend so good timing :grin:


Virgin Trains tried the same line on me about recordings. Virgin must really hate their customers. Amusingly it took them so long to do it, despite chasing from me, that the recordings were past their retention date! I ended up with two first class tickets to anywhere, for a problem they could have just fixed on the spot four months earlier.

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Just used Starling CS via chat. Responded within 5 minutes, answer given, job done…


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EE are great. Always super friendly and try and match good deals elsewhere.

Atom are also amazing, was on hold for barely a second before someone picked up.

I’ve always found Apple to have great support, store staff are always willing to assist.

Lloyds have always been good I can’t complain there!

I always remember a call I had with either First Direct or B Bank where we ended up spending 3/4 of the call talking about nothing to do with banking ( I think it was holidays and iPhones? ) .


Now that’s what I’d like to do…walk into Birmingham New Street station and say that…:grinning: “…please…”

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The trouble with Birmingham is that it’s central. It’s good to go coast to coast if you’re going to really get your money’s worth. We looked at London to Edinburgh. The tickets would have been worth over £700!