Emma Feedback Thread / Q&A

Seems to be a slight issue with the graphs on the accounts tab. When scrolling through them sometimes the graph heads upward but the balance goes down.

Also when swiping right or left on the accounts page the saving tab is skipped.

Other than that loving this rework

On android v1.5.1

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Thanks for this, we know the graph sometimes acts weirdly, but we are going to fix this.

I can confirm we now have access to Capital One, MBNA, Tesco and Virgin. We are going to start testing these integrations in the groups in 2-3 weeks. :slight_smile:

I use both Virgin and MBNA for credit cards, so would be happy to assist should you need feedback.


I’m so so sorry for you. :pensive:

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Got it as a backup, MBNA is my primary CC now, but disappointed in that within a few months of being with them, they started chopping helpful features like the online messaging service!


Sorry, you just triggered some bad Virgin memories!

Ouch! Sorry that you had to experience that! :frowning:

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One of the recent changes in the TestFlight version is the removal of internal transfers (transfers between your own accounts) from the ‘All Transactions’ list (accessed via Feed tab). The stated rationale is to make the list cleaner.

I’m really disappointed by this change. I’ve been using the All transactions list every day or two as a very convenient way of keeping an eye on the transactions across all my accounts. It’s the feature of the app I used most frequently. I want it to actually show all my transactions, not just some of my transactions. It makes the app significantly less convenient for me as I would now need to go into individual accounts (accounts tab) to see records of transfers between my accounts.

Just curious if others see this as a positive or negative change?

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When I go in to see all transactions the transactions categorised as excluded are not showing. Can this be changed so that there is at least the option to show excluded transactions in the all transactions list?

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I’m (trying to be) on the Android beta, but it keeps telling me a system issue has occurred when I’m putting my phone number in. :frowning:

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I rather like the excluded transactions to be err, excluded.

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As I say, I’d like the option to show or hide on the main transaction feed.

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Sorry if this has already been covered, but how come none of my banks show that Emma is connected to my account through data sharing? Is Emma not using the open banking scheme perhaps.

Emma has never claimed to be using the open banking it uses screen scraping to get the information and has been very open about this


I may have missed it, but I couldn’t find that information on their website. Furthermore they mention TrueLayer and APIs which has obviously led me to incorrectly assume open banking was being used.

It does concern me that I can’t revoke this access at my bank without changing my log in details.

Hi Peter, this is probably an ad blocker or proxy you are using. It has nothing to do with the beta. :slight_smile:

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Hi Osm,

internal transfers can still be accessed from the Analytics (2 clicks from opening the app) and single accounts. All transactions is a summary of the good stuff, we have had numerous complaints about a bazillion of internal paypal transfers and other things that to be really honest are a bit irrelevant; so we have decided to keep the main feed clean from this type of transfers.

I understand you don’t like the change, but most of our users want to see expenses, not how much they move around their accounts. If 5 internal tranfers clutter the information and prevent the user from finding unwanted charges or things that shouldn’t be there, it’s counterproductive.

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Hi Dave,

we are registered with the FCA, don’t violate the bank’s terms and are read only. Open Banking is just a protocol they are working on - nothing compulsory. At this point, it doesn’t add any value to us or our users. It’s a nice word, but poorly executed. That’s why we have no interest to adopt it, at least for another year.

Hi Edoardo,

Thanks for your reply to my concern. So where are my account log in details actually stored? In the app, or on servers somewhere in the “cloud” or both?

They are encrypted and stored on TrueLayer’s servers and we (Emma) have the keys to decrypt them; but to be really honest, you should be more scared to walk around the street. It’s not possible to lose any money via us or any other aggregator app.