HSBC Customer Service

I am not sure if this is allowed here, hopefully it is. There was a lot of talk a long time ago about how poor the Monzo customer service team were or are but recently I have had my own experiance with poor customer service and it wasn’t Monzo.

I applied for a Credit Card before Christmas, the application was accepted and all was good, then I get a random message in app that says they need to speak to me about the application and I need to call, I have tried every single day this week waiting on the phone for 3+ hours each day and never being answered having to give up most times, you don’t even know where you are in the queue, I have even tried the chat in the HSBC app and it error’s everyime.
I know were are in the middle of a pandemic and there is a lot of people in financial difficulty etc. I don’t know why they didn’t just call me to dicuss - extremely frustrating to say the least.

Because they know that banks should never call you for any reason

They have called me before though…

Banks can and do call to be fair. I’ve had the fraud department from one ring me before over suspicious transactions. I did tell them at the time I’ll call you back as you can’t confirm who you are over the phone to me.

Phoned them back and got the transactions authorised.

Whether they should be readily contacting customers by phone is a completely separate argument though.

A friend of mine had a problem with the Barclaycard app. Customer services advised a visit to a Barclays branch (to verify ID), branch staff said they couldn’t help and directed said friend to call customer services. Customer service couldn’t help on the phone, so the call was transferred to the complaints department. The complaints department needed input from technical support, but had to queue for >30 mins to get through to them. My friend asked for complaints to call her back once they’d got through to IT, but complaints said they couldn’t make outbound calls(!) and my friend had to hold.

It was, as Lord Sugar would say, a “bloody shambles” and my friend is no longer a Barclaycard customer.

So, yep, high street bands aren’t immune from problems but Monzo should be aiming much, much higher than this,

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A lot of banks are being hammered with calls at the moment and I think they use covid as a bit of an excuse to be honest.

I feel your pain, though. I have sat listening to ‘on hold’ music for ages with various organisations. If you need to call about something a couple of times, a good tip is to ask the call handler if there’s a more direct phone number they can give you. In the past it’s worked for me.

FD called me once. In a rush I had paid my credit card twice, and they were checking if I really meant to do that. They called within 10 minutes of me making the second payment. R-

It’s strange you had such an issue. I called up three times this week to deal with something and my call was answered before the system even finished explaining there may be a delay due to covid, didn’t even get to the hold music.

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Because they are working from home and no one can monitor them

You certainly don’t need someone looking over your shoulder to be monitoring you. You can essentially guarantee that people working from home in large businesses such as HSBC will be monitored similarly to how they’re monitored at work.

Call recordings, call metrics, screen captures etc.