Allowances changing despite £500 deposit

Hi, I am regularly getting notification in the Monzo app that my allowances will be changing, despite paying in the required minimum each month and having direct debits set up. Why is this?

If you’re absolutely certain that you’re meeting the criteria, then you’d have to contact support to get them to investigate.

Double check the criteria 1st though to be sure.


I got the same notification that my allowances were changing , I got in touch with chat …explained my number of DDs, my balance, my regular pension incoming payments - I met their criteria - why do they think Im not using Monzo as my main account ??? …allowances changed back the same day

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Hey There,

Please also check that you are meeting the criteria with your Personal Account, not your Joint account.

For instance:

  • Paying £500 a month and having active direct debits on your personal account.

If its the opposite please contact our team


Feels weird that joint accounts are excluded…

(Well not weird given how Monzo treats them, but weird from a first principles perspective…)