AirPods Pro 🍎

Mine are 1st Gen, too. No issues with battery life yet, but I keep leaving the charging case behind. So I was just about to drop £70-£80 on a spare case. Now I have to try and not spend £249. I don’t even need new AirPods. :neutral_face:


I’ve literally just done the same thing. New case, and annoyingly just found the one I lost.

The current ones work great from a battery life POV still - so may wait until they completely die before upgrading.

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I think I might hold off and look at the Huawei Freebuds 3, the first open-fit earphones with noise cancelling. That may solve my problem with the ones with an airtight seal.

(Ok, I know I’ll probably end up buying new airpods!)

Happily sell my 2nd gen AirPods with wireless charging case if someone wants them :eyes:


Yea, I will do … But in no rush to sell tbf. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just had mine delivered.

Impressed so far with the ANC, but haven’t had much prior experience with other Noise Cancelling headphones. The squeeze of the stem is much better than the previous AirPods that you had to tap.

Feel free to ask any questions!

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Just connected mine, first time AirPods user having used RHA MA650 before these dropped out regularly so was looking for something new.

Sounded great and noise cancellation was really noticeable. I like the squeeze for controls which works nicely. The transparency mode is yet to be field tested. Will try with the kids as that be a true test

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Never had a drop out, and I often leave my phone by a bench when I wander off to get dumbbells or whatever. Using them at home I can leave my phone in one room and wander around my flat and they stay connected.

I remember the old original PowerBeats could srop out if your phone was in a pocket on the wrong side of your body compared to where their Bluetooth antenna was but the new models have never had an issue. (Same with the Beats Studio Pro I have, super strong stable connection).


Love the look of these! There’s some real competition now for noise-canceling earphones that do not need to be placed over the head. Pending final reviews, this would be something I’d consider, along with Google’s Pixel buds (coming spring 2020).

Mine arrived yesterday and I am really impressed with them. I’m not a fan of the in ear type and how they allow you to hear yourself breath but the settings avoid this.

Noise cancelling: really amazed how well these work
Off: back to standard in ear style and not a fan
Transparency: same as standard AirPods and no longer feel like in ear.

So my second hen with wireless case is going to cex for £107 ( lost 50% in 7 months :-1:t2:)


@Frankiejr, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I’d been intending to invest in a pair of PowerBeats Pro for use in the gym, having tried them out in an Apple Store a month ago. Their main benefit to me was that they’d block out background noise much better, and were sweat-proof. (I’d previously tried three different types of JayBird wireless earphones, and they all failed within a matter of months).

However, am almost certain now to buy the new AirPods Pro instead - though will try them first. Putting them on looks less fiddly than the PowerBeats Pro, and I’m eager to try the noise cancelling.

The main background noise in my house is 4 extractor fans and they are a constant hum 24/7 (new build so thin walls). But with the noise cancelling turned on this completely disappears.

I’ve never used noise cancelling before so I guess have not been spoiled by really good over ear ones. And transparency gives me the feel of the original AirPods so I’m happy to part ex and keep the pros. Was going to try them in the gym later but I woke up feeling crap so this may need to wait.

Also the rubber tips should overall keep the main unit cleaner and more hygienic for the next resale :raised_hands:t2:


At work, I use the Bose QC-35 II, which are great at noise reduction (through their over-ear design) and noise cancelling. However, the over-ear design means they’d be very impractical in the gym, where I tend to push myself quite hard and sweat a lot.

Sweat is also an issue with the JayBird run, where after 20 mins of hard exercise, the sweat touches the membrane in the speaker unit of the earphones, or block the canal between the speaker and ear, which means the sound suddenly completely disappears. Whether Apple have been able to design around this will be a significant factor in my decision. At least with them, I can be confident of being able to return them if they’re not up to scratch.

I go to a gym where they often play very loud music in the background - in fact sometimes so loud that my traditional AirPods would be useless, as are many of the other brands I’ve tried (including the Bose SoundSport). I need to be able to hear my own music without turning up the volume so high that it’s uncomfortable.

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I think you might have convinced me @Frankiejr


On this occasion the product sells itself. :wink:

I watched one YouTube review (iJustine) and it looked like they stuck out a load more than the originals. But it seems she was just wearing them wrong (not in all the way). When worn correctly they look smaller than the originals with the shorter stem.

Can you all please stop saying nice things about these!

I am weak, so so weak.


Yeah I’m not sure I go hard enough to prove or disprove that one :joy: but my gym is the same, your pretty much maxing your volume to drown out theirs. Even worse if you want to listen to a podcast, ends up pending played to a background of dance :laughing:

I didn’t want to like them as I’ve literally 6 or so months ago got the 2nd gen but they are are a great upgrade. I got gen 1 on launch and they served me really well and really held up. I still stand by them being my best tech purchase since the iPhone. In close competition with the Apple Watch.


Yeah I have Gen 1 Airpods. I do not NEED noise cancelling headphones. No. Honest.


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