Apple's new PowerBeats Pro

Same H1 chip as the new AirPods, longer battery life.

I’m quite surprised that Apple is still keeping this line going. Of course, it’s not unusual that a big tech company have competing products, especially when one range is due to an acquisition, but for a company that used to pride itself on a simple, understandable range of products, I do wonder how long this can go on.

Would anyone here pick these up?


I think I prefer AirPods, I’m not a fan of the wrap around your ear style, and I’m one of those people for whom AirPods fit perfectly in my ears and don’t fall out haha.

These will be a good alternative for some though.

I’m still on the original AirPods, which I’ve had since launch (battery not as good as at the beginning but still pretty decent). The new AirPods (v1.5 :smirk:) aren’t enough to entice me, so I’ll be waiting until either mine die and I have to get a new pair, or proper AirPods 2/AirPods Pro comes out - I could be waiting a while :weary:.

Regarding product lines not being simple any more - I agree.
I’m a big fan of Apple, and do think that they make great products, but I feel like they do have too many products now.

Take for example the iPad line: iPad Mini, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro.
It just seems too cluttered and makes the decision of consumers harder than it ought to be (imo). I get they are all at different price points, but still.

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Beats are a very different brand. Apples audio is white, simple, and functional. Beats are whatever beats like. Which includes multiple audio products bulkier different styles and colours.

AirPods like theirs other older earphones will very likely always by white and simple in design with no logo. That’s why you know their AirPods. So it’s likely there will always be room for both.

If I say AirPods to anyone, they know exactly what they look like. That’s the power they have.


I like that they’re offering a different style. My husband worries about losing his AirPods and has a little silicone strap to keep them safe! These might suit him better and the charge last much longer.

For me my AirPods fit brilliantly and the tiny charging case is perfect for my small bag. The Beats charging case looks a lot bigger.

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Honestly, a great observation @simonb I remember all those old Apple vs PC promotional videos and 9 times out of 10 the major USP was the “simplicity”.

Its a weird one as I don’t see Beats as synonymous with Apple - sure you get some good deals on their tech, but overall the brands aren’t really “one and the same”.

My view is that Beats are for a different market - trying to get into the “sportwear” earphones scene with the wrap around model (they’ve had this design for ages). In any event, it is kind of a step-up and away from Apple - which is good for those who don’t want to be in the Apple ecosystem.

For that reason I think Beats will continue to do well.


There also appear to be 7 different iPhones that Apple are officially selling - and more if you count stock of other models still being sold through partner retailers.

Apple are officially still selling:

iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus

plus the current range of

iPhone XR
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max

The 8 Plus, at least, seems to me redundant when the XR exists. At least under the current pricing structure. It’s a £50 RRP difference to the XR for an older processor, similar quality of screen, no Face ID etc.

I presume they have stock that they need to clear, but it’s a confusing proposition nonetheless and I can’t quite see why anyone would buy one at such a small price difference.



Then I went to buy a phone that would run Android… #trolling

Have the officially discontinued the iPhone X? Gotta be the shortest lifespan of any phone if so.

The problem is they keep “iterating” having sold a boatload to providers like EE, Three etc. So they need to make their money on them by flogging them but Apple want you to go direct and buy outright.

I for one, have only ever had phones through my contract and then sell the phone on after my 2 years are up. I don’t think I’d ever buy direct - just because the market changes so much and I like shiny new things :weary::star_struck:

Officially yes, but the good ol’ rumour mill suggests they are still churning them out. Given you can still buy them new from third parties (John Lewis, mobile operators etc).

As for the beats… I’d probably buy them, I was given Studio 3’s from work and they are incredibly comfy (more so than my B&W P5’s and P3’s) and the sound is pretty good.

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I’m only interested as I got the X pretty much as soon as it came out (got lucky with my upgrade date and a good deal).

I got a free pair of the wireless over ears (RRP £250 odd) when I got my new MacBook Pro - I already had some headphones I liked so gave them to my girlfriend - I use them from time to time and they are pretty good and comfy, mind you for the price I’d probably get Bose or Sennheiser. The PowerBeats Pro look like a good mix though - probably still too steep for me really though.

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Absolutely love my Powerbeats Pro. They are fantastic. Great for the gym and also in the office and love that I can only wear one when I’m on conference calls etc.

Haven’t been able to fault them so far!

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