Apple announces $549 AirPods Max noise-canceling headphones

I’m more of an ear buds guy so this isn’t really of interest to me. Can’t wait to see the reviews.


So it’s not Apple TV after all. Sad :frowning_face:

The inclusion of the Digital Crown seems interesting and the case is… odd. It’s not for me at that price, but I’m sure professionals will like it.

And to go with their naming convention this should’ve been the AirPods Pro Max so that they can bring in one without noise cancelling called AirPods Max

I have no idea what you’re on about but if this is what you need to get off then knock yourself out

Also, Apple had nothing to do with Jobs for years at this point


Any sign of none conduction yet?

I’m sceptical these will be £200 better than the Sony or Bose ones but lets see


How much?! I feel like consumer headphones currently top out at about £350, and the quality you can get in that range is outstanding. $549 dollars is well into the range of pro DJ headphones. I guess apple have found a market for people willing to pay this for consumer headphones but they better be f-in good at that price.

Also is it just me or do they look kinda ugly? Esp that headband.

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Reddit had the perfect answer for why the case looks strange: it looks like a bra!


that’s exactly what I thought when I saw this

that or a purse :rofl:

Bummer. Not the magsafe touch screen gloves I was hoping for then :frowning:

These sorts of headphones aren’t my thing so no interest here from me.

I’m a big fan of Apple’s stuff generally, but £200 more than the Bose 700 or equivalent Sony WH1000’s is a tough ask.

They may be much better sonically, but my middle-aged ears aren’t going to tell the difference. :wink:

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Definitely would have bought these at £350, even £400, but can’t justify at this price

Same! They have started a little high in price for me at the moment. I have some Bose 35 somethings that do the same thing (admittedly while being stupendously ugly in a 1980s pleather lounge kind of way) and I can’t justify these as well.

That might be because I just bought my husband an Xbox Series X so the memory of what else £500 can buy is super fresh.

I was sort of waiting for these as my Bose QC35 is in need of replacing but that’s pricey. Will carefully consider it when the reviews are out but might just buy another pair of QC35s.

For someone who’s work and personal tech life is completely in the Apple infrastructure these might have been something I’d have been really interested in. I’d even pay a little over the odds for the convenience of it being really easy to connect/switch Apple headphones to/from your Mac/iPhoneA/iPhoneB/Apple Watch.

But these are wayyyyy over the odds and lacking the beautiful design that has sometimes made that less relevant for an Apple product. I just don’t want them enough :man_shrugging:t3:

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I love my AirPod Pros (surprisingly as I was such a snob about the originals) but these are a reach too far financially, I’ve got Sony WH100-M3 and I’m struggling to see what’s the £200 price difference here

With the limitations of bluetooth, I just don’t see how it would actually be possible for sound quality to be perceptively better than the current top performing wireless headphones.