Apple AirPower might finally be in production - will you buy it?

It’s been over a year since the Apple announcement, with radio silence at subsequent Apple product events.

But rumours suggest it might now be in production.

Pretty sure the AirPods case isn’t wireless (Could be wrong?) so if that’s an official promo image then I guess that’s what Apple have planned for AirPods 2, which I imagine will release first.

Unfortunately I think Apple will aggressively price this as usual and that could kill it completely. You can get wireless charging mats for £15 these days, and that’s enough for most people who will only be using it for one device. So already it’s only a smart purchase if you have both an iPhone and an Apple Watch, or you are planning to buy the second gen AirPods.

Apple users of the forum, would you buy this? And what do you think the right price would be?

  • I’ll probably buy it
  • Probably won’t buy it
  • No need for it

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Looks really good but like everything Apple these days it’ll be just too damn expensive so that’s a no from me.


It’s likely to be over £100 - So I’ll probably pass.

I have a wireless charger for my phone (a stand, which I prefer to the mats), and a little dock type thing to put my Apple watch on.

I don’t take my AirPods to bed with me (QC35’s are for the bedroom! :joy:), so this would be a little pointless.

I like the idea, but they are a few years too late to take advantage of the whole wireless craze (IMO).

I imagine it’ll sell like hotcakes though, and it’ll be “in constraint due to unforeseen demand” for the first 6 months!

I hope they sell the AirPods 2 case stand alone, but I doubt they will.

I would probably hit it in the night and it wouldn’t charge. Not a risk I am willing to take.

I’ll probably buy it, quickly regret it, then sell it at a loss :man_shrugging:


No plans to. I’ve not updated my phone in years. After being a total apple fan boy I’m finding myself slowly drifting away but with nowhere to drift to!


If it’s fast charge and less then £100 (which I doubt) and you can just place the phone, watch and AirPods anywhere then yeah I’ll buy it.

If you have to line them up to charge then no I won’t.


Apple will be taking my money for this one for sure. Hopefully it can charge two handsets at a time or maybe even a phone and two watches… time will tell but I’ll take one.

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I could imagine buying one for work. Being able to do a super quick top up for the watch or AirPod might be handy.

At home I prefer nightstand mode when charging my watch.

AirPods just released. You can buy the wireless case separately. No sign of AirPower … yet


:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

It’s happening.


Probably buy one once I get the new wirelessly chargeable AirPods (announced today). Until then not sure I have the need for it.

I have a 3rd party wireless pad for my iPhone but it’s a little bit finicky but then I don’t doubt Apple will solve that (rather than having to sit it ‘just so’ on the pad, I’m betting Apple’s version will have a greater tolerance to make it easier to use for us plebs).

Maybe a controversial opinion - I really don’t like wireless chargers :man_shrugging:t2:

Maybe I just haven’t shelled out for the right one, but just seem a bit gimmicky - I also don’t have anything other than an iPhone currently that would make use of it really.

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Agreed. It’s a nice idea but I barely use the pad now, just use a cable. The tech is good but the execution is poor (hence why I hope Apple will do a better job…)

Currently have this Anker one for travel and this one for the desk. Both excellent and perform well.

I would be tempted by the AirPower one for aesthetics (yes, I’m a big Apple fan and have been for many years) and to charge both iPhone and new AirPods.


It’s funny, I got a free Qi charger with my Nokia Lumia 920 back in November 2012 as part of a launch offer, and it hasn’t stopped working through to my current iPhone X. That being said, I like the idea of having a big ol’ mat to plonk a few different devices down on to charge. Just depends on the price…

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AirPower to charge my iPhone and Apple Watch will be nice. The new AirPods may well get a purchase too, depending on how much AirPower is gonna be. We’ll see.

I’ve fitted worktops in the past with built in charging pads, which is good but the device has to be in exactly the right spot to work which is a ball ache for the customer.

AirPower seems to be the most aesthetically pleasing.

The Verge are suggesting that Apple not announcing this today is indicative of a longer wait. Either that or a massive tactical error, since everyone buying the new wirelessly-charging AirPods will mostly likely drop £20 on a generic Qi wireless charger. Thoughts?

I sort of see their point. I can theoretically see Apple dropping a “one more thing” at their event, but if that’s the case… it does seem like it would have been logical to announce the new AirPods at the same time, even if the AirPower would be a few months pre-order.

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I read another article from a different publication that reckons they’ll quietly get added to the store today. There sure have been a lot of new items added with not a lot of announcement from Apple.

We’ll see what happens, but I’m hoping by the end of the week it’ll be there to buy.

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