Advent Calendars

A bit early? :roll_eyes:

Never :partying_face:

Last year I bought a beer advent calendar from Beer Hawk and it was great! Will definitely be doing again this year, or some other beer advent calendar.

Does anyone else have a specific advent calendar in mind (chocolate, beer, or whatever)?

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If I could have a whiskey one I would be happy :star_struck:

£999 :astonished:

Why can’t it be affordable :sob:

JD advent calendar is £60 in Asda.

I love the look of this one, just not the price!

£9,999 Surely the most expensive advent calendar in the world ???

Nope £10,000

I like the free bag with yours @o99

Could make your own.



Rather than hijack this thread I have started a new one for whiskey. Sorry for taking over @o99 !

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This bad boy from Aldi had 24 bottles of wine (airplane-sized bottles) which went down a treat last year :santa::christmas_tree:

Hopefully they’ll do the same this year :wine_glass:


Did it come with the lights? Looks a nice one :+1:

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It’s never too early for Christmas in my opinion :woman_shrugging:

John Lewis seems to have a tea advent calendar which I’m pretty interested in to be honest (ex-tea shop employee and avid tea drinker :joy:).

It’s got a “Christmas Cookie” flavoured tea and I NEED to try it!


I’ve pre-ordered one with individual soy based wax melts behind each window. I love festive scents leading up to Christmas.

I’ve also got my eye on the Nomo chocolate one that’s just launched at Holland and Barrett. Their chocolate is incredible, I’d definitely recommend to anyone who’s vegan or just dairy free. :chocolate_bar:


I thought the Moo Free advent calendar last year was cool, but I’ve just checked out the one you’ve mentioned and WOW! Think I might have to get that one this year :thinking:

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I had the So Free one last year which I liked but definitely going with Nomo this year!

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The lights were a DIY festive add-on. Strangely, it got more attention than the tree!


That is cool! Will have to get myself one of those :wine_glass:

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I’ve gone with the Virgin Wine’s Gin Advent Calendar this year:


I really want the L’Occitane one,83,1,93887,1270548.htm

I love their products in general so might have to treat myself to one once I start my new job

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Just bought my Wife & Daughter their advent calendars. A Moo Free vegan one for my daughter and a Reeses chocolate one for the wife!