Expensive Time Of Year

Same for anyone else ? Money only came in today and already spent £100 !


Yea horrendously.

Also doesn’t help that is is my daughters birthday next week and she’s having her first ever birthday party on Saturday.

However, I do try to plan early for Christmas and have everything done by beginning of December. Start planning and buying things in September.

This year, I’m aiming to build a Christmas pot and added maybe £20-£40 to it every month so that between my wife and I we should have enough comfortably without having to stress about it.


Same - have a regular saver set up (not with Monzo :grimacing:) @ 5%, starting in Nov 18 to pay out in Nov 19 which should cover Christmas expenses

Also have nephew’s, mother-in-law’s, wife’s and mother’s birthday all in Dec! Nightmare - foward planning is essential!


Now that is a lot of saving up to do for one month!!

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That’s a good idea, I might do that next year!

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I’ve been threatening to do this for years so, thanks to this thread, I’ve made a quick pot and scheduled £10 a week ongoing.

I’m sick of the stress that comes with Christmas spending and hopefully that will be the end of it!


It will be even better when you can lock it!!