Hello from Scotland :)

(Stuart Todd) #1


Just deposited my £100 and await my new card.

Looking forward to testing etc.

Currently live in Edinburgh. Any fellow :mondo: users up here yet?


(Terry) #2

Hello from Essex! :smiley:

Mondo seems to be all around the country now, just a few weeks ago I saw another Mondo user down in bournemouth! :mondo:

(Andrew Ross) #4

Welcome to Mondo! :slight_smile:


Hello from the west coast! Loving :mondo: loads! Not had any issues so far :raised_hands:

(Stuart Todd) #6

Many thanks everyone :slight_smile:
Today should hopefully get my card and get started with mondo :slight_smile:

(Rod Ashley) #7

Hello from Glasgow :grinning:

(David McKeitch) #8

Also from Glasgow here. :slight_smile:

(Craig Murdo) #9

Hello also from Edinburgh :slight_smile:

You’re in for a great ride with :mondo: :tada:

(Dougie) #10

Another Edinburgher here too!

(Keith) #11

Yep had dinner with a friend in London this week and she had a Mondo card to


Aberdeen! Was in Edinburgh at the weekend, I don’t know of any other city so universally adored as Edinburgh :slight_smile:


I too am from Edinburgh. Only difference is I’ve not got my :mondo: card yet and I’ve ran out of people to help bump me up the queue:cry:

(Ross) #14

I’m also a fellow weegie :grinning: loving Mondo :mondo:

(Alan) #15

Welcome aboard fellow Mondonaut!

Magical Isle of Skye here - am I the furthest North?

(Gurparit Chand) #16

Another hello from Glasgow! :smile:

My card should be arriving Saturday. Very excited to get started using Mondo! :smiley:

(Saveen) #17

A big welcome to all new Mondonauts from Scotland! :slight_smile: Hoo’s it gaun?

Sadly nae Saltire emoji is available, but Scotland’s national animal is…