Whisky/ Whiskey love

Hi all,

Rather than hijack the advent calendar thread (sorry @o99 !). I thought I’d start a new thread.

What whiskies do people love, and what’s the best budget one you have ever had?

My favourite has to be Aldi’s home brand Solo Clubhouse Whisky, it was a beautiful bottle which I still use as a decanter due to its cork stopper.

I recently bought Grant’s Triple Wood Blend Scotch Whisky which has a lovely vanilla taste in the mouth and a slight raisin after taste. I picked it up for £13.99 with a beautiful triangular glass.

I’d always recommend Whyte & Mackay as a budget option (they have some beautiful glass giveaways at times).

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I’m fond of smokey whiskies, my favourite being Lagavulin 16. I did try a Smokehead single dram, cant remember which, but it was a bit too much for me, didn’t feel as smooth.

Every now and then I get a tasting set from Master of Malt to try something new.

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Fairly uneducated when it comes to whiskies, more of a cognac man myself.

Did enjoy this Haig Clubman I received as a gift though.

I’m fairly uneducated too, but it’s one of my favourite drinks! I haven’t tried Hague, although I’ve seen it on offer a few times.

Cant beat a jameson ginger and lime :shamrock:

Not a spoof

Not sure how I feel about these… Do the capsules dissolve in your mouth?

Not in my mouth as it wouldn’t get anywhere near these, but I would assume that’s the idea.

I don’t intend on trying it, I’d rather burst the bag into a glass. Reminds me of cod liver oil capsules, or washing machine.

I feel like I want to wash my clothes with them. Bit like a reverse Tide pod challenge, I guess.

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