Address issues

Hi, I’m new to Monzo although my Wife and 2 sons have Monzo accounts, however, I have downloaded the app but when I enter my postcode, the house numbers don’t go high enough for me to enter, even though my Wife and kids were able to.
What may the problem be?

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I think something has changed as you’re the third person in a day or two to say the same thing.

Hopefully Monzo will be able to update/fix whatever has changed.

Did they create their accounts when at your current address?

Could you ask your wife or son to contact Monzo in app chat and let them know about this issue? There have been a few reports over the last few days about missing addresses on sign up

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Hi Revels, Yes they all used the same address.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll ask them.

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Same thing is happening to me when I try to make an account

Email but it might take a few days for an answer depending how busy they are

I have a same issue. Has this been fixed yet?

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If you are still having these issues, my best guess would be that it hasn’t yet been fixed. You’ll need to email

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