Address change - residential address required



I have recently sold my home and am working abroad as a contractor. In order to maintain a UK address I have set up a mailbox for mail to be forwarded to. All my other financial matters are now using this new mailbox but I am unable to alter the address on the Monzo App. I have manually enter the address because it is not a residential address but when I go though the process of entering my PIN, the application simply says

“There was a problem, please try again and contact us if it continues”

I have tried many times with wifi and mobile data and confirmed my PIN is correct. I assume this issue is because the address is not residential but it needs changing ASAP as i no longer have access to my old property


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I’d recommend copy-pasting this into in-app chat, and the staff can help you :slight_smile:


Hey @spectron :wave:,

We use card delivery as a proof of address which is why we require a residential address. Do you have a family member or friend with a trusted UK address while you are contracted abroad?


Presumably the PO box provider will happily forward them the physical card at an extra fee.


Interesting. Weird that all my other bank accounts have been switched over to use this address yet Monzo won’t allow it. Halifax Plc, TSB, Barclaycard, Nationwide; they accept my new address yet you won’t.

Time to move on I think


Please contact us via the in app chat if you would like to have a further conversation about this. :slight_smile:


Probably because many banks have two addresses in their systems so they have changed the mailing address but left the residential address unaltered


Rubbish Mirow.

My brother is quite high within the Halifax PLC IT & he assures me that the only address they now have is the non-residential one


I said many banks (having seen 3 systems and done work with 2) I did not say all banks.

PS Nor did I mention building societies like Halifax or Nationwide. :wink:


Halifax plc isn’t a building society Mirow, it’s a bank and has been for 20 years


That bit was a joke…Don’t worry, I put an emoji in to make it clearer!