Using PO Box as Address?


I’m currently in the process of moving from Canada to the UK and don’t yet have a permanent address. I’m staying at an Airbnb temporarily until I find a flat to stay at. I’d like to set up a Monzo account, but since I can’t receive mail at the Airbnb, can I get a PO Box in the UK and have my card sent there?

Thanks in advance!


No, to prevent fraud it needs to be your UK registered address.


Can you register with your AirBnB address? The only thing it will be used for is to send your card to which shouldn’t take more than a week. And once you’ve found a flat you can change the address on your account.

That could work. I also have some friends in the UK, could I also have it sent to them if I can’t receive mail at the Airbnb? Do I need to provide proof of address?


Generally yes unless the address is the same on your government ID (unless it’s changed)

Sorry, maybe I’m misunderstanding, but just to be clear, can I use my friend’s address or an Airbnb address even though I don’t live there and it isn’t on any of my IDs?

From memory when moving I’ve never had to provide Monzo with proof of address.

I’m sure don’t don’t provide proof of address with Monzo… wasn’t there a thread a whole back about charities for people without homes using churches for delivery of cards?