New blog post: Crowdsourcing merchant data

(Tristan Thomas) #1

We’ve just released an update to the Mondo app which brings in the merchant data crowdsourcing we gave a sneak peek of :slight_smile: The full blog post is here:

Let us know if you have any questions about this in this thread and we’ll do our best to answer them :smiley:

Clarks not Cadburys
(Sean) #2

How does this work? Can we only submit merchant data when a transaction takes place? I have several previous transactions from the past month that could do with being ‘refined’. Can I submit for these?

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Yep, go for it! Just hit “Something is wrong” on the bottom of the transaction and we’ll get it fixed up :slight_smile: You can do it on any transaction you’ve made and it’ll give you different options depending on if it’s online or offline

(Jacqueline) #4

Nice work on this feature - just made an update to a previous transaction and it was seamless. Really appreciate the fact that you can submit for business names, not just merchant names i.e. you can log the transaction for a particular business’s trading name instead of the catering company name that manages their premises’ card payments. Dafuq? Seriously, it’s very useful because it gives users control of the context of their transaction history. [standing ovation]

(Miguel Afonso) #5

The update merchant information form varies depending on transaction. Sometimes you can add twitter and facebook info, others it just asks you for an name and address details and map position.

e.g. I want to submit facebook details (to get the official logo) to merchant ID merch_0000971WCrrB7hxzckhqi1 and all I can submit if the address info. btw this merchants facebook page is:
They don’t have a twitter account that I can find…

(Richard Dingwall ) #6

Yes that’s correct. Depending on the type of merchant:

  • You can enter a physical address for traditional brick-and-mortar merchants :house:
  • You can enter web details for online internet merchants :computer:

(Miguel Afonso) #7

Ah get the pattern now.
But on occasion I feel it would be good to add the same kind details of online services to brick and mortar shops.
e.g. I was in this McDonalds place and it shows up as the same of the merchant who got the franchise. There is no clear alternative to report that to be an actual McDonalds

(Richard Dingwall ) #8

This is just the first phase - in future we would like to open it up so you can submit any change. :grinning:

All changes are manually reviewed at the moment, so in this example one of us should link the merchant with the parent merchant group. :eyes:

(James Billingham) #9

It’d be good if the searching feature was available for online merchants too - so I can just attach my transactions to existing merchant records.

(Miguel Afonso) #10

Happy to help identifying those child-merchant cases, including the ones I spot here in Portugal during this week before going back to London.

I used my card in some of the largest supermarket chains (equivalent of Tesco) and fuel stations. I reported the correct name and address for all of them. But how can I report the right official logo on these brick and mortar shops?
It’s currently not possible from within the app, but more then happy to email you a list of merchant IDs and all their details. (Logo, main website, twitter, facebook, etc)

(Dominic Eldred-Earl) #11

What do you think to the option to be able to upload / take a photo to submit with the report?
Either of the location, or information which is relevant…
Many thanks

(Will Stanley) #12

Hey, just a thought but if you are keen for Twitter links for crowdsourcing logos, can you populate the text box with already then we only need to add the username. Cheers, Will


@Will1 Mondo accepts images from other sources aswell.

(gary) #14

Hay! So when’s it coming to Android!?