Submitting better Merchant information

(JoeO) #1

Hi -
This is mentioned as a new feature in the latest beta releases. However I am struggling to guess our how it is meant to work.
Or is this still carried out using the “Something wrong? Tell us” link?

(Rika Raybould) #2

It’s in the same place it has always been, just much better now.

For a physical location:

And for online merchants:

(JoeO) #3

Ah-ha so it is from the “Somethings wrong? Tell us” link. I was not looking far enough into the UI.

Thank you for the pointer.


(James Billingham) #4

One addition I’d particularly like to this (@hugo & @james) is to be able to reassign any transaction to another merchant.

For example, Pronto transactions always show as “Pronto Pronto [order id]”, so it’d be great if I could search for “Pronto” and assign it to that.


How often is this information updated after submitting better information? I’ve submitted a few in the last week and haven’t really seen any fixed in my transaction list.

On a side note are there naming conventions for things like train stations? I submitted “ScotRail” for my local station and moved the pin from their head office to the local station but not sure if that was correct thing to do?

On the likes of Foursquare I’m a super user level 2 which gives me a lot of edit rights to venues. Do you have any plans like this for mondo?

(Herp Derp) #6

I have submitted a few and they get done within a few days


Thanks. I’ll try submitting them all again!

(Saveen) #8

Andy’s (@glasgow) query highlights the need for confirmation of submissions and updates - say by email?

Perhaps the crowdsourcing process should be incentivised / gamified? ie. points rewarded for each update that is accepted. Accrued :mondo: points could count towards a leaderboard, badges and / or rewards.

The data is valuable, it would be nice to see users reward in some way. Foursquare have shown that rewards are popular with users (even virtual ones).

(Tristan Thomas) #9

Hey Andy,

They should be done pretty quickly but it’s just moved from @natasha doing it to the amazing customer support gang of @Shiel and @Yehudi so we’re running a bit behind while they get up to speed :slight_smile: Feel free to resubmit and we should get it sorted!

In terms of naming conventions, we try to go with common sense. Sometimes that’s difficult but generally works out pretty well :slight_smile: So ScotRail makes sense if it was a ScotRail ticket machine and the location at your local station works well (assuming each ticket machine is easily separable from our end). I like the Foursquare idea - it’s probably a fair way off for now but definitely something like what we’d like to do one day.

Hope that answers your question!


Thanks for the update @tristan really interesting stuff!

My local station uses Dalmarnock SST as the merchant name so I’ve entered in to Mondo the attached which I think makes sense and follows what your saying!

(Tristan Thomas) #11

So I’d put merchant just as ScotRail there – then we can put all of your ScotRail transactions together for spend analysis etc. The address would be the differentiator if you wanted to see them separately. Does that make sense?


Yep complete sense! :smile:


On a related note. I tried to submit better info for Boots and received this note.

Nothing wrong with the message and it makes sense.

However, a refund from the same store is identifiable. Why would Boots identify a refund by Store but not a Transaction?

Refund Merchant Details
(Tristan Thomas) #14

Interesting… I didn’t know they did that


There’s probably some logic for why they do that but it definitely makes life more difficult for you guys.


One thing I’ve noticed quite a few times recently (sorry, this might already have been mentioned) is that on initial transaction and notification in the feed, the merchant location info is spot on. Then when the transaction settles (presents?) the location of the merchant moves - sometimes many miles away. Is it a case that the auth is handled locally, but perhaps a merchant then puts through a bulk of transactions together?
If it’s a chain for example, it then follows - if the transaction location is corrected once, will that location info subsequently show up for everybody contained in that batch run?


I’ve definitely seen that behaviour. I’ve not been able to pin it down though.