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I’m the that type of person who notices tiny inconsistencies in merchant info then can’t unsee them. None of this is like a major deal but ya know, I can’t unsee any of this :stuck_out_tongue:

I also been made aware that yous enrich merchants by moving fingers and fingers aren’t perfect so I’ll try to be as gentle as i can:

  1. Here are transactions from 3 different dollar tree locations. I have no clue where the 2 different logos come from, both later added by Monzo.

  1. The IKEA UK twitter logo was later added by Monzo for a transaction that happened at an IKEA in US.

  1. Here’s an interesting one: Wawa low key changed their twitter icon from their usual red to purple for Halloween. I went to different Wawas, and yous see that the transaction logs show when Wawa switched a purple twitter icon for halloween then switched back afterwards.
    Since these are all (mostly) different locations, I can infer that Monzo is either :one: storing the icon as it appeared at the time of enchantment for each merchant OR :two: storing the twitter username for each merchant, then capturing the icon as it appeared at the time of the transaction. (They say there are 2 hard problems in computing, and cache invalidation is 1 of them! :wink:)

May need to tap to see the whole thing on this onem

  1. Han Dynasty, aka Handy Nasty? I personally find nothing wrong with this one, it’s is too perfect :joy:


  1. I’ve had various issues using my monzo at New Jersey Transit ticket machines (sometimes I’ll get double holds, sometimes I’ll not get charged at all). Turns out that the vendor that makes the ticket machines for NJ Transit has a track record of being pre-ty incompetent resulting in, uh, some very cursed merchant info:

I wonder if there is a way to automatically flag and correct locations in merchant data that may be incorrect, especially if like the city and state pair doesn’t seem to add up…

Anyways those are my fresh observations on some things I’ve noticed! this is the type of stuff that, for some reason, is keeping me up at night when i look thru my transactions trying to categorise them (in bed) as i write this post :sleeping:


Hi @melody, we have a similar problem in the UK and you can read about it here ->

When Monzo first launched they were really quick to update the merchant data based on users requests, it is now a bit of a broken process. As the US is a fairly new country for Monzo I guess it will take time to have a more consistent list of merchant with logos, locations and names.

I think I remember someone from the Monzo staff saying that the US team was looking for a solution that could then be deployed in the UK too, so fingers crossed. :smiley:

In the meanwhile you can send the correct data in and at some stage someone will pick it up and update.

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Ohhh where did you hear this… i must have missed it.

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Probably few months ago in that thread. :slight_smile: I don’t remember who though.

I don’t even have logos for the merchants at all. Just the generic category logos from the app.

I’m getting logos and decent info on major stores in the US and Canada so far (Costco, grocery stores, pizza place), but the couple times I’ve used it in Asia, only category icons. Department store in China, topping up my Hong Kong SIM (gives me uncensored internet in China), and topping up my Japanese transit card all only give me generic icons instead of the merchant logos. I’ve submitted the merchant websites now so I imagine they’ll get updated soon enough.

I’m curious how they get the logo data because I have some overlap with the initial post, Wawa specifically, but still no logos.

Yeah my feed is mostly generic icons for a while until someone at monzo adds them a few weeks later.

The only place that I’ve ever been to so far where the merchant info was already filled in was Santa Monica, where monzo has their offices in the US :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have the ability to send updated details/logos through your transaction? If yes, you can send the Twitter handle and they will update the logo. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for this feedback- we’re going to into these transactions in a bit more detail and make sure the logos match up! If you notice any more, you can select the transaction and then ‘submit merchant feedback’ (which it looks like you’ve already been doing!), leaving a note to say this doesn’t match up with your other transactions.

We’re also working on improving the logos for a lot more merchants, so feeds should start looking a bit prettier in the next few weeks :crossed_fingers:


Do you have an option like this to update merchant data on the transaction details page?

I have this option on my UK account.

@Js38wju3jda it does show up for me about 90% of the time, for the remaining 10% of the time i end up contacting support

lately i’ve been finding merchant data will get enchanted within minutes after a transaction and that’s like one hell of an improvement compared to having to wait a few weeks in the past! it’s great to see that most of things i have pointed out have since been addressed! :smiley:

the one last pattern i’ve noticed is that when i used my card with certain off-the-shelf payment service providers, info for a completely random merchant would be filled in, and the “improve name” menu option doesn’t show up. here’s some i noticed so far:

  • Stripe Terminal & online payments: all Stripe transactions show up as just “Stripe”, when in reality there are different merchants on stripe, and the statement descriptors should be used to differentiate between merchants instead
  • Shopify POS: Transactions shows up incorrectly as “liamnahunco.” Contacted support about a month ago, looks like they’re still working on fixing it
  • PayPal Here: Contacted support to fix merchant info, and they were able to correct it within a few days

I’ve noticed that the US merchant data that was submitted and accepted when I was still using my UK card is not appearing on my US card - are two separate merchant databases being used? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I also having a problem that every payment terminal in the same store is being treated like a separate merchant and not registering as being the same location. So right now I have two separate transaction histories at my local bodega, and four separate transaction histories at my workplace deli since they have four payment terminals.

So when I click the merchant to view the no. of transactions and total spend, it will vary depending on the specific transaction I click. :neutral_face:

Hi there! We’re working on getting this improved this week, so that data you have changed when using your UK account also shows on your US account. We’re also working on the location issue, so watch this space!

Please keep an eye out for updates next week, and please keep letting us know if things look strange!


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