Missing logos

Most of the time logos are on my transactions although when I report them they are usually added the next day.

However I have a couple which are left blank even after reporting (some have less complicated logos then others displayed).

This drives me mad as they stand out like mad. Can you find a way to let us add them?

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I’ll second that - just leads to (me) repeatedly reporting the same business/organization (in the absence of any action/acknowledgement) in the hope this will produce a result (I invest time and energy tracking down the correct Twitter page containing the logos).


I haven’t had any of my logos added for the past 4-5 days now

I went to a store yesterday circa 18:30, submitted missing logo and changed address and looked this morning and it had changed.

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Usually I’d agree, however Mondo have refused for whatever reason to update a couple on mine.

Q Park is one - granted its not as well known as say NCP but it’s still a national car park chain.

I have submitted the logo 4 times since mobile, desktop and Twitter links.

Now I know they say you can’t fit some logos on but for this one I call bull***t. If you can fit the organic coffee thing round pret, every little helps on tesco and lets feel good on boots why can’t you put a white Q on a black background.

It annoys me for two reasons…

  1. Mondo provided the functionality so they should make sure it works for ANY logo
  2. don’t let me submit something to fix if your not going to do it as its a waste of both our time - and it kind of goes against your whole crowd source thing - if you can’t do it this time then why should I next time?

Is there more clarity on who’s deciding which logos are allowed.

Same experience here with a registered charity - Hare Preservation Trust. And they have a square logo on their Twitter page - I’ve cut and pasted that link to Mondo at least 2 or 3 times!

Frustrating … to say the least.

I wonder if it is because they have brought on new staff to deal with these submissions and they are still coming up to speed? I’ve also noticed that in the past week my logos haven’t been added whereas in the past they were all put on within a couple of days. Then this morning a couple of logos were added, but another two (one of which I submitted almost two weeks ago!) haven’t. I agree that it is discouraging given there’s no feedback, so it’s not clear if they just haven’t gotten to it or have rejected it. Hopefully the process will improve. :confused:

Hello everyone!

I am sorry that you have had a frustrating experience with the crowdsourced logos. Our process for collecting, using and then providing a response based on your information is clearly not where it needs to be just yet. :see_no_evil:

To tackle the few specifics first… @anon25115823 and @RowanTreeRoos, I can see in our system that the logos for Q Park and Hare Preservation Trust are included in the merchant information and should therefore be showing in your feeds. Do you think you could take a look and let me know if they are not there? If not, there must be a bug and I will ask an engineer to look into it. :ant::computer:

In terms of the general approach to logos (and sorry if you have read this before in the other merchant thread), if you provide a website url, if the twitter logo is not of good enough quality, and if an image url or file is provided that doesn’t look right, we don’t use them. By far the best way to send in a logo is by sending in the twitter handle. We have a very cool tool which allows us to quickly use this if appropriate! :confetti_ball:

I think that there is something important coming out of this, though, and that is that we need to make the whole process run a bit more smoothly. I am not sure what we could do to let you know if your feedback has been used or not, but I will speak to our product manager, design team and engineers to see if there is something that might help. If you have any bright ideas, do let us know! :bulb:

The interaction we have with our Community (YOU!) and the feedback we get is very important to us so we definitely want to try and find a way to make the experience of providing us with feedback as seamless and satisfying as possible. That clearly means letting you know why feedback wasn’t used, in those cases when it isn’t.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and please be patient with us as we try to make it a better experience :blush:



Hi Natasha,

Many thanks for your substantive and informative response!

Hurray - the Hare Preservation Trust logo is now on my expenditure list.

Many thanks.

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Hi Natasha Q Park still isn’t showing on mine.

+1 on the reply though as it’s so unusual for a company to acknowledge an issue let alone look into it.


@natasha Yep deff still not there :grimacing:

I submitted a few logo suggestions and a name change on Monday afternoon. I’m aware it’s been a busy week for Mondo so I can understand why things have been running a little bit slowly with regards to lower priority things. This made me realise that as Mondo gets even bigger with a larger user base, these lower priority things will become even lower priority and take a longer time to correct.

Everything’s about efficiency these days and any way to make things more efficient is a plus. I thought maybe if we had some of our most trusted users and / or campus insiders to effectively moderate these changes then this reduces the workload of Mondo staff, which can be spent on things such as customer support or ultimately app updates etc. I’m sure there are others who would also be willing if they have a spare minute just to moderate these suggested changes from users - it doesn’t require any training, rather just manual labour.

It seems like a few people have had this same issue, but I think the only problem is with regards to the technical side of it (i.e. the coding required to give these permissions). With regards to who should be allowed to moderate these changes, I’d say the campus insiders for one and the people with a good reputation on the forums.


I’ve submitted a couple (INTO, Charles Tyrwhitt) but not had any changes. It would be good if I could be notified if the logos are rejected.

Agreed. I’ve tried a couple but seen no results either.

Likewise, submitted a number over the last two weeks but no update

I’m told we’re running a bit behind with logos this week because of everything that’s been going on, sorry! Totally agree we could do more to show you feedback about your suggestions and we have plans to work on that :slight_smile: I’ll also see if @leah can spare 5 minutes to jump in here to update on when we’ll be back up to speed :smiley:


Hi all! Apologies for the delay in getting these process. We migrated the tooling we use to process these and are still experiencing a few issues with this. However, we are close to getting this fixed and have a new team member joining this week so will hopefully be able to get through the backlog over the next 7 days :tada: Thanks for being so patient!


Hi Leah,

Will transactions older than a few weeks ago get updated when you get through to them? I have a feeling that the spending feed only updates the last few weeks of transactions and nothing older?

Can anyone advise what RT as a long stands for? Is this something that needs reporting? Loving Mondo though, only a couple days into it.

Those are just the initials of Rss Taunton. When we don’t know the logo we use the merchant’s name to create a placeholder. Does it make sense?