TfL tap out reminder

Hi. So I used the card yesterday with Monzo. I beleve I hadn’t tapped out properly. I know there is meant to be a feature asking if you’d like to end the journey and recieve a refund but I don’t know how to action this prompt.

I do know it’s under beta so this may not be available yet.

I don’t believe this is in Monzo right now, there are no references to it in any client side code I’ve found and I’ve never seen it outside of mockups in presentations at least.

All you can really do right now is add your Monzo card to the usual website and see your journey history there.

Side rant: I do wish that would stop appearing in presentations until it’s at a point where it’s working, there are so many other great things about Monzo that work today and as a rail and public transport fan, I see a few issues with the feature that need to be fixed TfL side first. Android Pay can only do a similar feature because they have direct access to contactless communications and the precise location simultaneously and in real time.

That’s more of a ‘concept’ of what we’d love to do — as Richard says, there’s a few issues with TfL that make it quite difficult at the moment. I think we’re not using it marketing materials now :slight_smile:

Alright great. That easily settles that one for now then. :slight_smile:

I think this is auto done now as I swear I logged in the other day and completed the journey and I got a refund or am I thinking of something else?

Also off topic I know and apologies for this.

Is there any way that the date can be added to the TfL transactions as like today for instance I am working from home but it came up I used TfL and it’s annoying trying to work out whats what when it comes to expenses etc.

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TfL will make a basic attempt to automatically complete journeys if you commute to the same stations on a regular basis.

As for expenses, I can only recommend using the data on Either using it outright or matching that up to the transactions in Monzo.

True. Now that I think about it, the last reference I can think of was at the AWS Summit on July 6th.

Nowadays I suppose that rant should be redirected at the press who somehow manage to pull up long forgotten concept pictures that are now more than a year old instead of using the latest version of the press kit or real screenshots!

We still sometimes use it as a “this is what we want to do” and I guess that can sometimes get mixed up :slight_smile: It would be awesome!