Express Transit Cards in iOS 12.3

(SimonL) #1

New option appeared in above to set a transit card in Apple Pay


I assume it will only work with TfL and the like, rather than payment terminals but I may have to check that out.

(Owain P Webster) #3

Yea express transit it’s only meant for transit. Will be interesting how well it works with TFL as their terminals are older.

(Justin) #4

Thanks for that. Just installed 12.3 and set up Express Transit Card on my watch. Excited to see if it solves previously reported issues.

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(Paul) #5

Looks like Apple Pay Cash has gone in settings - the toggle switch is no longer present and the APC card has disappeared.

(Rich) #6

I’d be interested to know how this works on TfL once someone’s set it up (assuming it will / does).

The whole unlocking at the gate line thing (and getting stuck behind others doing this) is what’s stopping me from using Apple Pay.

If this works, I’m there :grinning:

(SimonL) #7

You can pre set it before u get to the gate once u done face or Touch ID u get a couple of minutes to present it to the terminal


I could add my BarclaysCard credit card, but not Monzo.
Edit: it’s just the joint Monzo that doesn’t work. I could also add the (empty) personal one after all…

(Owain P Webster) #9

I was able to add my monzo one fine on phone and watch


Oh, it’s just the joint Monzo that doesn’t work. I could add the (empty) personal one after all…

(Adam) #11

Not available on TfL / UK

(Rich) #12

@walderston, that link does give TfL as somewhere that it can be used so is there something else that will prevent Express Transit being used instead that I’m missing? :thinking:

I see a few people have set it up - anyone care to advise when they’ve used it? I’d already tapped in with my debit card this morning when I saw this so will have to wait until tomorrow to give it a go (again, if it actually works).


There are 2 lists in @walderston 's link:

  • Where you can use Apple Pay for transit with Express Transit mode
  • Where you can use Apple Pay for transit without Express Transit mode

TFL is in the “without” list.

(Peter Shillito) #14

Express Transit cards has been a thing for numerous iOS versions at this point. It’s not new.

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Then it is the feature allowing to select a different card or to disable that was added.
Which highlights the fact that Joint Monzo Card doesn’t work, while personal Monzo card does.

I haven’t been in portland recently, but it would have failed.


Well for what it’s worth, I tried it on TFL this morning (underground) and it didn’t work.

(Peter Shillito) #17

Ah, now you mention it, the “Payment Cards” section under Express Transit Card is new. It used to be only the “Travel Cards” section, where you can put things like Japan’s Suica card which don’t require Face ID/Touch ID to work (stored value cards, rather than debit/credit cards). Not exactly sure how the “Payment Cards” feature will work…

(Starling Guru) #18

I can’t see this option :eyes:

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Settings and then Wallet/Apple Pay

(John Biondini) #20

I wish this was available on Apple Watch. :unamused:
EDIT: Apparently it is available on the watch, I’ll check this tonight.