Add Republic of Kosovo to the list of countries

Can you please add The Republic of Kosovo to the list of countries, I am a British Citizen and i am trying to open an account for my wife who has moved over to the UK from Kosovo, but can not apply for a current account for her as Kosovo is not on the list!!!

Please add Kosovo to the List thank you

Maybe she have to try Serbia instead?

Thats not an option, serbia is a different country! Not Kosovo, and her BRP and all other documents state Kosovo on them! With that logic i could choose Albania given we are Albanians!

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Have you tried submitting it as Serbia to see if it goes through?

The British state recognises Kosovo as an independent country. I think it is very inappropriate to suggest she put it through as Serbia.


Totally agree. Kosovo is a state recognised by the UK Government, and so a UK bank should have it listed as an option


I appreciate that, however in the back of my head I seem to recall an issue previously where our provider suggested putting it through as Serbia, which is why I was interested in whether it had worked or not.

I’ll flag it up when I’m back in on Friday and see if I can get an official answer :blush: