Opening back account during bank holiday


I have some Ukrainian guests arriving tonight.

Will they be able to open a bank account in Good Friday, with just their Ukrainian passports?

They have an address where the card should be sent, but no proof of this address yet.

Bank holiday won’t be what stops the account from opening, not sure about proof of address etc.

Thanks. I understand there’s a special process for refugees (due to things like lack of address) so I thought that might take some human intervention at Monzo’s end.

No proof of address is asked for - delivery of the card is that. :slight_smile: you should be fine

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As long as they have a BRP/Visa they should be fine for ID opening the account.

If any more info is required, then the relevant teams will let the applicants know at any point during the onboarding stage.

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Ukrainian passports are accepted too.

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Most Friendly countries passport alone will be acceptable

As a side note, most banks are open on bank holidays now, certainly call centres and newer fintechs. We definitely are!

I worked for a legacy bank a few years ago & the bank holiday was one of the quietest shifts I worked as folk didn’t realise we were still working, sitting waiting for them to call. I think the longest “no call” period I had was about an hour :joy: