Can I use Monzo?

Hello guys, here I s a question. I live and work in Poland (work visa D), but I am a Belarus citizen. May I use a Monzo in this case? For example, Revoult just asked for my passport verification and a photo of my visa.

If I can’t use Monzo, can someone advice me some digital banks I can use? Right now I am using Transfer Wise and Revoult. All other companies I checked (like N26) require EU citizenship or permanent residency.

Thank you for your help

You’re not UK resident, nor do you have a UK address, so no - sorry.

Maybe try N26?

Did you not have the documents Revolut needed?

Revoult just asked for my visa verification. N26 said that don’t support “visa dudes”

N26 don’t accept visas to prove your identity as a Polish resident, but you are a Polish resident and should be able to prove your identity via your Belarus passport and be eligible for N26.