Monzo in Montenegro 🇲🇪

(Mike) #1


I’m off to Montenegro in the summer and was hoping to use it as an opportunity to test out my Monzo card abroad - does anyone have any experience of using Monzo in Montenegro?

Thanks in advance!


Have a great time!

Hopefully someone can comment on here, but a quick check thru other travel posts on here (such as to nearby countries) shows nobody has yet has commented on their experiences in that country.


Did you find out if it works in montenegro ?

(Maria) #4

:wave: I had no problems at all in Montenegro. It’s pretty card-friendly in restaurants & bars. Most supermarkets are equipped for contactless too :+1:

Edit: just checked and it looks like I withdrew £30 cash in four days so VERY card friendly. Even the beachfront parasailing place took Monzo :tada:

(Aisling) #5

Just spent a couple of days in Kotor. No troubles with Monzo, although we did take out cash more than used card. If you need too, most bars and restaurants will accommodate you with a machine but the norm is still cash.

(Mike) #6

Spot on. It’s pretty card-friendly across restaurants etc but I predominantly used cash.

Stayed in Dubrovnik beforehand and used it there, wish I’d used it more as saved me a lot of money, already had a lot of cash though!