Add Payees Easily


Hi @tlloyd87 :wave: as you’ll see from this post this is a known gap which Monzo will hopefully fix in further updates to this feature:

(Bruno Sousa) #143

Am I right in understanding that you can’t add payees at the moment, only edit the recents list?

Every time I click on the add contact at the top of the page it opens the contacts app. but no option for adding a new payee.

Thanks in advance

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(Bruno Sousa) #145

Thanks for the clarification!

(Bruno Sousa) #146

Can I just ask what purpose the contact add button server at the top right of the screen (android)?

(Dan Baker) #147

I believe it’s a preview of things.

This is pure speculation on my part. But I think you will add a contact, then create a payee based on a contact. This way you can edit names, pictures etc easily using the ‘native’ ways in iOS and Android.

(Bruno Sousa) #148

That would be the way to go about it.
At the moment it does nothing besides opening androids native contact app and creating a contact. Nothing happens afterwards.

(Dan Baker) #149

On iOS, it does successfully create a contact. But nothing in Monzo itself. I tried creating a contact with the same name as a Payee with a photo, but doesn’t seem to work either.

Looking forward to seeing it all working once it’s finished.

(Bruno Sousa) #150

Same in android.
It does create a contact but no change in the monzo app after that.

(Gareth) #151

I think the purpose of that button is to add someone’s phone number who has Monzo (with Payments with Friends enabled) to see them as a Monzo to Monzo contact.

The reason I think this is the Monzo to Monzo contacts are based on phone numbers of contacts in your phone book

(Bruno Sousa) #152

Oh, that would make sense and yes, I think it gets it from the phone number, as someone I know started using monzo and their picture appear on my contact list.

That does make a bit more sense however still a bit misleading :slight_smile:

(Brian Hunter) #153

The payments screen still confuses me. Maybe I am just too old for Monzo, it’s not intuitive to me at all.


Is there a timescale for this? :slight_smile:

I recently sent money to a payee but forgot to include a reference and it just used the person’s name as the reference which didn’t make much sense to me personally. I think a more generic ‘money’ would help in situations like this. This wasn’t massively helpful for me as having the person’s name as the ‘reference’ I found a bit confusing. There’s no way of editing the reference either.

Therefore, are there any plans to include the ability to edit payees and also delete and edit references list as well? :slight_smile:


Agreed. The reference defaulting to their name is pointless. I know their name and they know their name lol :man_shrugging:


Can we add payees yet without having to pay them first?


Not yet :cry: I can’t wait to sort out my payees.


Me neither :frowning:


If you are adding account to a person then yes.


Adding an account to existing payee?