Add Payees Easily

Any update on these @Jami?


Still no updates? :thinking::flushed:


They have a habit of starting things but then moving on to something else before it’s finished :neutral_face:


Looking forward to seeing the final version of this. It’s better than it was, but still feels a little awkward in this half finished state!


Since finding out that custom pot images (which seems like such an obvious quick win) was just a Monzo time project (which is why it took ages to get released!), I’m wondering whether the payee tab is the same…?

Is this a feature that Monzo actually cares about, or is it stuck with just a handful of people who get to work on it in their down time?


I have the newer version of Payments Tab now and yes it’s better than the old one but still missing some things:

  • Merging payees - I would rather not do this manually
  • Using Contacts data - can this be linked to the contacts app to do this? Effectively using main contacts app to pull data (including Avatar)
  • More bank logos (Marcus?)
  • If a payee is a business make the Avatar square so we know it’s a business at a quick glance and add the company logo if there is one.

Some other points about the page:

  • Frequent and Recent seems a bit overkill
  • Contacts on Monzo - this wouldn’t exist if payees were merged into one contact card. I like the little ‘M’ though and this could stay so you can easily see what payees have Monzo.
  • All - alphabetical at the least

Would be nice for someone from Monzo to at least comment on the progression of the promised updates


So I’ve just received the new payments tab on iOS! These are my issues with the current iteration:

  1. Requesting money on the JOINT ACCOUNT loads up Monzo contacts, frequent, recent and all payees. If you are wanting to request money from NONE Monzo users I.e using Clicking on any frequent, recent or all payees brings up the page.

This means showing frequent, recent and all payees on the request page is completely pointless and it clutters the screen.

It should just have 2 items on the request screen. One for a list of Monzo contacts to request from. And one single option for a request. Which leads me into my next point…

  1. Requesting money using on JOINT ACCOUNT ends up requesting money to your personal account. This is misleading and creates extra leg work for the user experience. I.e you receive money to your personal account, then you have to go into your personal account and transfer it to the joint account.

I’m basically saying, a joint account needs it’s own link.

  1. Still unable to create new payees before paying one initially.

  2. Still unable to edit a payees name.

Other than that. It is a welcome addition.

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Any chance of a screenshot?

First 3 is the initial “payment” tab. The following 3 is if you select the green request button.

Clicking on any payee after the request button. Frequent, recent or all. Loads up your personal accounts Monzo me request page. Very cluttered IMO.

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Cheers for that! And yes looks a bit messy.

new payments screen s a bit of an own goal really.

Heres to hoping they can save it by providing better ways to consolidate the payees

Having spent a bit of time messing about with the Payments tab, it’s a bit of a mess at the moment.

  • Request tab: this is for Monzo me and clicking on it gives of your payees; Frequent, Recent and All. However, clicking on a payee just brings up the iOS share sheet meaning you need to find the payee again using what ever method you choose to send your link. There’s currently no point in having payees listed here at the moment. It’s an extra step.

  • Payees: I’ve consolidated a payee who has Monzo and NatWest. When that payee pays me using NatWest it doesn’t show the neat contact name in the feed but instead the account name which is all capitals and surname, initial. You can’t add additional accounts to Monzo contacts unless they’ve paid you recently. The Contacts on Monzo section doesn’t have the option to add further accounts. Weird. It’s almost like they’re two separate contact cards.

Looking forward to further developments to make this much easier and more intuitive to use. Fingers crossed


Got the new payments tab on iOS today.
Gotta say I have to echo a lot of other comments. I am disappointed by it.
It’s still too cluttered.

I don’t think there needs to be a “frequent” and a “recent” section - one or the other would have been enough - my preference would be “frequent”.

Contacts on Monzo could have been integrated with “all contacts”, with a small Monzo “M” in the top corner of the contacts icon indicating they have Monzo.

The all contacts section would be easier to navigate if it was alphabetical.

I still don’t get the add contact button at the top as it just seems to add a contact into Apple’s contact app?


I think both sections are useful, but they should both scroll horizontally to save space.

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Thoughts or advice please.

Now that you can consolidate multiple accounts into one contact. Would you keep credit card payees e.g. Sainsbury’s Bank - which currently looks like a person payee or would you merge this with your own contact card? In effect your credit card would be listed as one of your own accounts or keep them separate? I’m
Not sure what’s best. Thanks.

I’d keep credit cards separate as it’s a bill payment. You can’t really go to your credit card account and transfer money back and forth, like you can with your own other current accounts.

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Yeh I think that makes sense. However I’d love those payees that are business to look like their businesses rather than humans


Just personal choice but I merged them into my contact card, seemed like an easier way to locate my CC / Marcus payee details.


Hey all, loving the functionality to group bank accounts under a single payee.

However, not having the ability to edit payee names seems like really basic functionality missing. Is there any news on when this will make it into the app?