Adaptive Standing Orders


We used to pay our cleaner in cash every week. That was hassle that we didn’t need as neither of us get cash out on a regular basis so the night before one of us invariably had to drive to the nearest cashpoint.
She’s happy to take payment by a monthly standing order but the issue is that some months have an extra week.

Ideally what we need is a SO that pays based on the number of weeks in the month. Is this something that would/could be served by the API or is it a feature that could be built into Monzo directly?


why not use a weekly SO?


She doesn’t want that. We’re quite lucky to have such a good cleaner that we’re happy to bend a bit.

(Andy Little) #4

This sounds doable via the API once you can use it to trigger payments.

Though I’m a little confused about some months having extra weeks. Three difference in month lengths is only 3 days maximum. I assume you mean some months have 4 Saturdays and some have 5, or something like that?

(Tommy Long) #5

It seems unlikely that Monzo will cater directly for such an incredibly niche use-case. Using the API in the future seems entirely possible though… personally I’d either ask if you can pay per every 4 weeks or something, or otherwise just do them manually? If you’re changing the amount it’s not really a standing order.


Basically. If I set a standing order to run on the 1st of every month. It could be a month that there’s 5 days that she comes because of the way the dates fall. It’s rare but it’s just something we have to watch out for.

It’s unlikely they will but it’s worth a question.

I think you’ve got a point though, we’re probably overcomplicating it. Paying every four weeks makes sense and everyone knows where they are.


Just add up the different 4 weekly and 5 weekly amounts to find the yearly total and pay her a 1/12 of that each month so she gets the same amount each month


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(Justin) #11

Interesting thread. I was also thinking about standing orders being made adaptive earlier today, but in a different way. I do feel if would be useful to be able to set up standing orders based on a wider range of criteria. For example:

  1. Pay on the second Tuesday of the month
  2. Pay on the weekday immediately before/after 20th of the month

I would find this useful because like many people, my salary is paid in on the 20th of the month, or the last working day before the 20th (so In August, the 20th fell on a Sunday, so I got paid on 18 August). This is not a high priority requirement. However, is it niche, or would others also find it useful?


I’d like sweeps - transfer everything above a certain threshold to a given account.

(James Morrow) #13

Can the CA app allow for making payments every 4 weeks

(MikeF) #14

The preview doesn’t.

The CA app itself hasn’t been released yet.

(Simon Enoch) #15

I’m trialling the current account and in the process of switching over standing orders, DD’s etc. The latter looks like it might be a slightly painful experience, so I may wait until a proper switching service is available.

One thing I’ve noticed with setting up Standing Orders is there is no reoccurring biannual option. This is annoying as I have a couple of bills which are paid biannually, which means I’ve had to set up two separate annual payments as a workaround. Ideally I would want the payment set up as a single reoccurring standing order.

Any chance of adding a biannual option?


biennially or biannually…i e. 6 monthly or 24 monthly?

(Simon Enoch) #17

Biannually, i.e. every 6 months or twice a year.

(Tom Chambers) #18

I pay my cleaner via standing order every 2 weeks. With Santander I can set it up to go out every other week starting on a particular day.

With monzo I can do monthly - i thought I could use two of these alternately, but I can only set it up for a specific date. So it would get out of sync after the first payment (Wednesday the first time, some random day the next month)

It’s also not really clear what will happen as it doesn’t say ‘evety 15th’ just monthly.

Hoping to see a lot of improvements in payments as the current account matures!


Yes. Standing Orders need to be flexible both as to frequency and with a varying amount as some Standing Orders need a different amount on first or last payment

(Frank) #20

In the Current account you do get more options. Though it’s still limited to legacy bank standards.