Intelligent standing orders

Dont know how viable this is but I would really like to have the ability for standing orders to directly react to my salary payment. At the moment it is on 23rd of each month but comes forward if it falls on a non-working. I have a few set payments that I make as soon as I get paid (transfer to my joint account with the wife, money to cover direct debits paid from my previous bank account and at the moment I do these manually each month. I could set up standing orders to go 4 or 5 days after I get paid to be safe but I prefer to do this straight away after payday each month so I can see what I have to play with. Clever use of pots could be a solution but I thought I would flag it as an idea. It feels more 21st century to link stuff to specific transactions rather than the old fashioned notion of the working day!


Monzo will, eventually, take regular debits, such as standing orders, into account and show them in the future on the Pulse, the graph at the top of the list of transactions. So you’ll see them already having an effect on the ‘amount left to spend’ which Monzo will show you.

I love this idea! It would save me remembering to make two or three transfers once I’m paid. I’m freelance, but my “employer” doesn’t have a consistent pay date and also depends what my last day of work in the month is. It’s usually the first Tuesday after receiving the invoice but often changes. This would be the best bank ever if you could set up “what if” type scenarios! :smiley: maybe also making the pots able to provide back up funds i.e. if the balance becomes X or lower move y amount from pot. Maybe confirm with a notification, but just to keep really on top of things.

Yeah that was exactly the sort of thing I had any in mind. I’m sure lots won’t need this but it would be great if they could develop advanced options like this all the same.

This is exactly what I need! My payday varies across 2 or 3 days and would like a standing order to come out when I get paid. Make this happen Monzo! :grin: