4 week option on standing orders

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Probably not a common one but I had to go back to my highstreet bank account to setup a standing order that goes of every 4 weeks since Monzo does not have the option. I think it would be a good option to add to the current list of standing order intervals.


This has been requested here in the past.


I’m sure that the feature will be enabled eventually. Like many things Monzo related, patience is a virtue :grinning:

I second this request. I have 4 weekly pay periods like many public sector workers, so have the need for 4 weekly regular payments, including standing orders and the upcoming scheduled payments into pots. Equally, I need 4 weekly periods for the Summary feature. (I’ve added to that thread too :slight_smile:

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Public sector worker here as well :raised_hand:, also eagerly awaiting more 4-weekly options with Monzo.

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I get paid 4 weekly and regularly use 4 weekly standing orders! I did full switch to Monzo before I realised they don’t have this option :rage:

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I’ve just opened my Monzo account. Direct debits transferred no bother but not the standing order. Comes off on the first of every month. How can I set it up, or will I just have to transfer every time?

If you go to set up a bank transfer you’ll find that it has a ‘Schedule Payment’ option at the bottom of page 2. Set that appropriately and you’re done.

Thankyou, got it sorted. Still finding my way round but loving it so far :+1:t2:

I get paid fortnightly on a Friday and need to set up standing orders for them days, hope they add that soon as I can’t use it until they do.

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Update: Just had a chat with COps via the app on whether 4-weekly options (for Standing Orders, Scheduled Pots and Summary) are coming and they’ve confirmed it’s definitely on the engineers’ to-do list, but not very high up. (Actually the lovely COps agent confessed she previously worked in the NHS and was 4-weekly paid too, so could see how important it is).

So… Us 4-weekly (and fortnightly) salaried lot need to make more noise on this community about this and get this sorted. For us, it’s definitely should be a ‘Big List’ item and means a lot of manual transferring money about every payday. So please do post your support here - even if it’s just “Me Too”!!


4-weekly salaried/paid folk must make up a decent percentage of the customer base as well. I thought this was coming via the editable standing order update that’s forthcoming but apparently not then :confused:

edit: noticed that option has been launched but now one off payments drop off after paid out.

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Interestingly you can already choose this option for recurring payments - if you choose to make a payment ‘repating’ you can choose how many years/months/weeks/days the cycle is. All we need is the same options for SOs!

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On Android maybe but not on iOS.

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The sooner they add fortnightly standing orders, the sooner I can go #FullMonzo and transfer all my money and bills over