4 week option on standing orders

(Zybrand Jacobs) #1

Hey there,

Probably not a common one but I had to go back to my highstreet bank account to setup a standing order that goes of every 4 weeks since Monzo does not have the option. I think it would be a good option to add to the current list of standing order intervals.

(Change Works) #2

This has been requested here in the past.


I’m sure that the feature will be enabled eventually. Like many things Monzo related, patience is a virtue :grinning:

(James Palmer) #3

I second this request. I have 4 weekly pay periods like many public sector workers, so have the need for 4 weekly regular payments, including standing orders and the upcoming scheduled payments into pots. Equally, I need 4 weekly periods for the Summary feature. (I’ve added to that thread too :slight_smile:

(Barry Mitchell) #4

Public sector worker here as well :raised_hand:, also eagerly awaiting more 4-weekly options with Monzo.

(Stefan Waring) #5

I get paid 4 weekly and regularly use 4 weekly standing orders! I did full switch to Monzo before I realised they don’t have this option :rage:


I’ve just opened my Monzo account. Direct debits transferred no bother but not the standing order. Comes off on the first of every month. How can I set it up, or will I just have to transfer every time?

(MikeF) #7

If you go to set up a bank transfer you’ll find that it has a ‘Schedule Payment’ option at the bottom of page 2. Set that appropriately and you’re done.


Thankyou, got it sorted. Still finding my way round but loving it so far :+1:t2:

(George Mckee) #9

I get paid fortnightly on a Friday and need to set up standing orders for them days, hope they add that soon as I can’t use it until they do.

(James Palmer) #10

Update: Just had a chat with COps via the app on whether 4-weekly options (for Standing Orders, Scheduled Pots and Summary) are coming and they’ve confirmed it’s definitely on the engineers’ to-do list, but not very high up. (Actually the lovely COps agent confessed she previously worked in the NHS and was 4-weekly paid too, so could see how important it is).

So… Us 4-weekly (and fortnightly) salaried lot need to make more noise on this community about this and get this sorted. For us, it’s definitely should be a ‘Big List’ item and means a lot of manual transferring money about every payday. So please do post your support here - even if it’s just “Me Too”!!

(Barry Mitchell) #11

4-weekly salaried/paid folk must make up a decent percentage of the customer base as well. I thought this was coming via the editable standing order update that’s forthcoming but apparently not then :confused:

edit: noticed that option has been launched but now one off payments drop off after paid out.

(Ben Harris) #12

Interestingly you can already choose this option for recurring payments - if you choose to make a payment ‘repating’ you can choose how many years/months/weeks/days the cycle is. All we need is the same options for SOs!

(MikeF) #13

On Android maybe but not on iOS.

(George Mckee) #14

The sooner they add fortnightly standing orders, the sooner I can go #FullMonzo and transfer all my money and bills over