''Active card check'' VS £0.01 authorisation amounts (e.g. ASDA)

Hi all,

I have a question regarding authorisation amounts from online retailers and how they appear on my monzo account. I have noticed that some companies use the ‘‘active card check’’ notification with no amount being taken from the account, others debit £1 and quickly credit back £1 at the same time instantly and lastly ASDA, whenever I order my grocery shopping they pre-authorise 0.01 every time I amend my online order and that 0.01 doesn’t get refunded until 30 days have passed!!!

Is there any way around it? It’s rather annoying what happens with ASDA. I end up having a lot of withheld £0.01 amounts for at least a month. Anyone else having that issue?



i wait about a week with Asda but they don’t take another penny if I amend the order
If you tap on the transaction you should see this with instructions how to get it back

Well I don’t know why that is happening to me. I have a £0.01 authorisation from ASDA on the 8th October which hasn’t been refunded yet and when I do what you just showed me it says I have to wait another 19 days! Very annoying :stuck_out_tongue: !

No idea. The wonderful world of Asda.

Do you pay for a deliver pass? I do and maybe Asda treat it differently if you don’t. I’m clutching at straws here…

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I have a delivery pass too. I have ordered in the past with other cards from different banks and the £0.01 comes back within a couple of day. Anyway…I guess I will just have to accept it :stuck_out_tongue:

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The rules are that non-zero card checks are not permitted - whether certain companies have variances on this I don’t know :blush:


Are you saying no company should be doing £0 active card checks?

No he means the complete opposite.


Are these rules documented in the public domain?

I believe it would be in here.

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I noticed that Lothian Buses 10p verification pre-auth can take weeks to be removed. I have now switched to using my Revolut Visa as the pre-auth is zero. 10p wasn’t much but it littered my transaction feed with small debits and credits.


That’s interesting, I wonder why then authorisation would be different for Monzo and Revolut.

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Thanks - I think I was so exhausted I didn’t grasp a simple double negative haha

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It happens to the best of us, don’t worry about it. :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed the exact same thing. The £0.10 credit can take weeks to come through - it really does clutter the transaction feed! Doesn’t seem to be the case with my First Direct account.

Different card systems. Lothian Buses said when they introduced contactless that Mastercard holders would see a 10p authorisation but VISA ones wouldn’t.


I have asked the customer service via chat to see if they can manually release the £0.01 authorisations from ASDA and they were able to do it! Super helpful.

I will do an experiment to see if I have the same problem with other cards. I just did a groceries order at ASDA using a Halifax Visa debit card and will see how long this £0.01 pending transaction will last…

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We get these on our Visa NatWest joint account.

For an order placed on 19th and collected on the 20th, there are currently two pending transactions for Asda. £0.01, and the actual order total.

The app has annoyingly disabled screenshots, but the help text for the £0.01 transaction says “possible card check”, and something about some retailers using it to check that cards are valid, and will be replaced by the full amount when they process the payment.

They eventually disappear from the pending list, but I don’t know how long they are there for usually.

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