Auto Delete Active Card Check


Please can you implement at some point an option/auto delete the Active Card Check after say an hour, it is fiddley to clear on iphone 5 with sausage fingers and some times dosent even allow you to clear until next day.

No a big thing just annoying :wink:




Please don’t implement this.

I paid a parking ticket the other week and they did an active card check that was never refunded. I had to click into the notification and manually request the funds back. If they are deleted I’d have never been able to do this.

I think they’re talking about ones that don’t take a payment.


All active card payments hold/reserve the funds don’t they?

Pre Auth is different to Active Card Check


Yeah the ones that don’t take money but have a little button to remove from your feed are annoying, I can never tap the button and I’m on a big sized phone, I’d like them to just not show up at all tbh.

Some companies request a small authorization but never collect, so the auth runs out.
Others carry out an active card check and the app shows it without any associated funds. These can be removed from the feed by pressing the x button.

I think most merchants are lazy in how they handle this tbh.


It should be noted that on iOS there’s still a bug with the clear button :frowning: If you click it while the feed is updating, it’ll shrink and you won’t be able to click it again until you kill the app and re-open it.


Useing unmaned pertol station, iTunes PlayStation network they do a Pre auth check from 10p to £2 and generally re latter ger refunded within a day or so later , petrol just gets added to overall balance.

So not sure what the Active Card actually check arpart from card being valid

I shop with morrisons online and they allow you to change the order up to 1am the day before so if wife comes along wants to add remove stuff I get that everytime, speaking to morrissons they say the funds required are ringfenced but not on Monzo as they dont have “balance” and avaiable balance, and they generally dont actually take payment till after the items delivered

I’ve had a few now that for whatever reason haven’t. I just got told by the company to wait longer but after 2 weeks I got fed up and used the feature in Monzo to reverse it. :man_shrugging:

Well Active Card check on Morrisons for example is £0 although, had to pre auth the full amount even though when orginally did order not enough funds cover it, never had an Active Card Check for Itunes or PlayStation, just the pre auth that has an amount next to it that got refunded :wink: