How long does it take to get your card?

(Natasha Savin) #1

Hello im 72,645 in the queue and that number hasn’t changed for 3 days now and I just wondered if anyone knows how long it will take to receive the Mondo card?

(Jack Worton) #2

Without referring anyone to bump yourself up, they figure out about a couple months.

(Natasha Savin) #3

Ive referred over 25 people now, do I not bump up unless they join too?

(Stuart Cameron) #4

They will have to sign up via your link!

(Natasha Savin) #5

Naww don’t wanna wait… But thanks :slight_smile:

(Natasha Savin) #6

one last question, everyone else is talking about depositing £100 in and then getting there cards, do I do that once Im at the front of the queue? :slight_smile:

(Jack Worton) #7

Once you’ve reached the top of the queue, the app will ask you to top up via a card or Apple Pay, and you won’t be able to get past this screen until you do so, it’ll tell you when to top up as when the time comes that’s the only thing the app will display :slight_smile:

(Herp Derp) #8

Given the impending name change I think it will be a while?


I dont think that would cause any delay.