Account not update, payment method failing

How hard can it be to get some help?! I accidentally moved money to the wrong account (another of my Monzo accounts). I moved it back again and then sent it to the correct account.

The trouble is the movement to the correct account is shown as received, but not as sent from my main account. The receiving account is to be used to make a payment, but now the card isn’t being accepted, and all the online retailer says is “use another payment method” with no explanation.

I try reporting a problem with a transaction and all the system says is Go To Payments or visit this Community website, so here I am, two years to the day since someone else had an almost identical problem!

Just so I (and others) understand this, was it a transfer from business to personal or similar? As you can only have one account.

Or is this a pot transfer and virtual card? I wouldn’t have thought an internal transfer would’ve triggered a fraud flag but might be worth waiting an hour or so to see if it resolves itself.

Or reach out in chat. Go to the last transfer transaction and there should be a report a problem option

This will be the quickest way to solve things.

Hi Jim, you can have three business accounts. It was from my personal account to one of my business accounts. I might have found a way to send a message, but can’t report a problem with a transaction that isn’t displayed.

Yeah that makes sense.

You should be able to find the originating transfer, no? If not then help and in-app chat will be the best option. There might be an unfortunate delay in waiting for a response but such is the way with Monzo’s “live chat”.

Personal > Business1
Business1 > Personal
Personal > Business2


So you should be able to spend it no issue?

There’s three problems really.

  1. The transaction going to the wrong account isn’t shown.
  2. The balance of the main account hasn’t updated to reflect money sent to the correct account.
  3. The correct account having now received enough for a payment isn’t being accepted to make the payment.

I have finally been able to send a message, so hopefully it can be resolved this afternoon.

That’s correct, except “Personal > Business1” isn’t displayed, and I’m not allowed to spend it. Somewhere account reconciliation hasn’t updated despite efforts to refresh the balance.

Are they on any statements if you download them?

So that I can understand it:
All accounts are with Monzo.

  1. You transferred from Personal to Business1
    Is this showing in the feed of either account?

  2. Transferred from Business1 back to Personal
    Again, is this showing in either account?

  3. Transferred from Personal to Business2
    And again, is this showing in either of those accounts?

Which card is it you are trying to use? Business1?

I don’t have a Business account, so sorry if this is a daft question, but why couldn’t you transfer directly from Business1 into Business2 when you realised it was the wrong account?

It is really is a nightmare.

  1. That transaction does show as being received on “Business1” account, but there is no record of it being sent from Personal Account.

  2. That transaction mistakenly sent to “Business1” account is shown on both business and personal accounts when I moved it back,

  3. The card being rejected is on “Business2” (where I intended to send the money initially) and the payment needs to be done today, but I’m still trying to get the transaction between the personal account and “Business1” account found.

This whole thing makes me :exploding_head:

If I get this based on what you’ve said. The payment has vanished from personal but did go into ‘business 1’. And it shows as successfully in Personal,

So why can’t you just send it to ‘business 2’ and make the payment. Has it completely vanished from all accounts?

Yes, you get my frustration!! It shows in Personal because I moved it back there. I did then send it to “Business2” (the correct intended business account), but can’t seem to spend it. Maybe the system thinks the money is still in one of the other accounts.

So the payment was sent back t0 ‘business 2’. I’m thinking one of two scenarios, only Monzo chat will know what is true.

  • The payment was sent from personal to business 2 and is still pending, as it’s triggered a flag somewhere
  • The transfer limits (if they are a thing) have been hit meaning you can’t make the payment even if the money is available.

Let us know how you get on, but I can’t think how anyone here can help really.

It looks like I have resolved the situation with help from Carrie on the Monzo live chat. As a Sole Trader, the business accounts are in my name. I thought different icons would differentiate the accounts, but that didn’t work on this occasion. It looks like I transferred the money from the “Business1” account direct to the “Business2” account, but didn’t realise because the accounts both have my name.

I’ve also now made my intended purchases which I suspect failed earlier due to some incorrect payment credentials, possibly I had the wrong CVV number saved, so I’ll have to review that.

This might be classified as one of those common errors… error code: ID10T!

Thank you for your help.


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