Payment not going through


My payment is not going through and can’t see a way to get help from app.

How to get help?


The chat function is a little hidden - you can type chat into the search box on the help page but it’s not 24/7.

The community may be able to help you faster, what seems to be happening when you try and make a payment?

In orange text box, asking me to try again and if that fails contact customer care, and the rest disappears after the message.

Is it warning you about names not matching or anything else :thinking:

No, I have made a transfer yesterday. It went through fine.

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I know sometimes people say to uninstall the app then install again. Maybe try that and see if it cures it

I’m wondering if the system is glitching though as normally by this time my DDs have gone out but they’re still waiting to be processed.

Edit - my DD went out as I was typing :rofl:

To get to chat I had to search for customer care.
Reinstall did not fix the issue.
I tried payment to different account which worked but not the one to Coinbase.

Monzo isn’t a big fan of bitcoin so that might have something to do with it.

Tapping into the transaction usually tells you why it failed

Well, I made transfers before latest yesterday day.
May be something new.

It still could still be something to do with bitcoin. If you’ve made a few transfers, there’s a possibility that it’s raised a flag and Monzo are investigating.

I’ve no particular knowledge in this area, the above is pure guesswork.