Account insights on the web


Hello business banking! :briefcase:

We just added Account Insights to Monzo Labs! :tada: It’s a new section available to business banking customers on the web. It’s our first iteration of insights on the web and we’re only just scratching the surface of what we want to achieve.

In this iteration you can see an overview of your income, outgoings and net cash for the previous 3 months. As well as a more detailed breakdown of the current month including:

  • Starting balance
  • Income
  • Outgoings
  • Spending by category
  • Upcoming payments

This initial version was built using existing data points from Summary on mobile :chart_with_upwards_trend: It’s a great starting point for us as it meant we could work on releasing something quick to hear your feedback. We believe Insights will be an important part of the web experience for Business customers, and we’ll be working on this area a lot in the coming months!

To try it out enable it in Monzo Labs (on mobile) and then head over to

We’d love to hear your feedback!

  • First impressions?
  • What key pieces of information would you find useful to add?
  • What are you trying to understand when you visit this page?
  • Is this something you check-in daily, monthly?
  • What would you change?

If you don’t have a business account feel free to pitch in, but please mention that! :pray:


I don’t have a business account but that seems really nice

I think it needs graphs though like xero have, easier to see incomings and outgoings

I’m a fan of graphs for most things


The layout is pretty broken for me

Safari 13.1.1 on macOS 10.15.5

Edit: just tried with Content Blockers turned off and same result


I don’t have a business account but this looks pretty pretty :slight_smile: I hope to see something like this for personal accounts in the (probably distant) future.


Oops sorry about that! @hdwrng we found the issue and will fix shortly (should work fine in Chrome!). Thanks for spotting :eagle:


It’s fixed now :white_check_mark:


Looks great. Found a small issue (I think). I got the notification about this on the feed for my personal account. I’ve noticed in the past that other business account notifications show up on my personal account feed so it may not be directly related to this. I seldom check that feed (just use joint account and business mostly) and can imagine other people use their accounts in the same way - it doesn’t seem intuitive if it’s intended behaviour.

Oh interesting! Yeah I think this would happen if you were on your Personal account when you opened Labs. I agree it’s not very intuitive, just a side-effect of how Monzo Labs works.


All good for me!

No business account here, but same question as raised by many on the earlier web thread - is there a (longer term) aspiration to bring this to personal/joint accounts in future?

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My upcoming payments list shows scheduled payments that’re due on the 1st August, whereas the header says that the period is until 31st July.

I’ve got two entries for my PayPal direct debits in this list with no date next to them, which isn’t that meaningful and doesn’t really align with the header imo.

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Graphs would be nice, maybe with the same metrics that’re shown in the recent periods summary. Seeing Net Cash over time would probably be most useful, to get a sense of how quickly that’s increasing / decreasing. So I suppose that seeing Income and Outgoings at the same time would help put the changes to Net Cash in context.


The 5 minute sessions are a bit annoying. I’ve had to re-authenticate twice while reading this thread and then viewing the web interface.


Exactly this

Income vs expenditure bar charts

Income over time line graph

Spending breakdown pie chart


Or just stick to bar charts…


This looks good!

I think I’d check this monthly, to get a summary of how the month’s gone because it’s easier to see here than checking individual transactions in the app. Although it might be useful to see the month to date more regularly too.

I guess I’d check the summary for this period more regularly than the recent periods so maybe it should be at the top instead?

I’m not sure what I’d add.

My $ transactions aren’t included in the Spending list. Not sure whether that’s because they haven’t settled (the rate has been set) or the web interface / API can’t handle them yet?

Yes eventually this will happen but not the priority right now. First we want to get the foundations for the web right.


Good spot, yeah upcoming payments are not constrained by the current period. Trying to figure out whether it’s more useful to hide them completely, or show them on the current period (for sure long term we should address this properly).

I think we should hide direct debits without amount.


Tell me about it! It’s probably my biggest pain with the web app. Probably not something we’ll fix immediately as it makes sense to focus on adding value to the web app itself first. But at some point we’ll definitely have to improve this.


Quick update
We improved the overview card for the current period! The grid view should be clearer than the initial list view. It’s live now.