Account insights on the web

Loving the rapid iterations. Will the use of web technology here speed up development or just change it?

As a general rule, yeah the web is faster to ship.

But it doesn’t mean things get built faster! The main advantage is we can change things very quickly, so we can also release something earlier because it’s so much easier to quickly iterate on it. This grid change is a good example. It was planned for V1, but we were keen to release what we had asap knowing we could add the grid today. With mobile we would’ve waited to finish everything in V1, or have had to wait a week between releases.


I don’t use web at all. Monzo’s mobile offering is so good I don’t feel the need to. But now, I feel left out. are there plans on bringing this to mobile? I wouldn’t mind a dashboard screen similar to quickbooks (screenshot attached)


Yes we will be improving analytics/insights on mobile too but not immediately.


Thank you all for the feedback. This has now been rolled out to all customers :+1:


Can we have a sneaky screenshot here for those of us with only personal/joint accounts? :slight_smile:


A few messages up:

That was seven days ago mind. My have changed with the thanked feebback

This is not something we’re working on now. Eventually the web app will be released to personal customers too, but that’s not happening in the short term!


Just meant that I cannot see this myself as a personal customer i.e. I can only see it on the forum
(Happy already with knowing it may only come to me later, if at all)

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Gotcha! The version currently live is further up :+1: The actual content is currently static so the screenshot shows you all there is to see :wink:


Would love something like this for personal accounts. Just something simple and clean. Any plans for personal accounts?

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Three posts above you :point_up_2: