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Monique here, I’m on the business banking team. Super excited to announce we recently launched our first version of Monzo Business for web :rocket:

Business customers can now access their account on their computer or laptop and view their transactions, make payments and download statements.

I wrote a little blog post about what we’ve done so far (and why), and what’s still to come. It includes pictures so non-business customers can have a peek.

We built the web so it could be easily adapted for personal accounts, but it’s not something we’re planning to do at the moment. You’ll be the first to know if this changes :wink:

Have a read and let us know what you think.


if it can be “easily adapted” for personal accounts it would seem a no brainer not to offer it , unless you want to put it in to the distant monzo plus paid for offering , maybe if it is that easy , offer it to CA users for a fee before plus - £1 a month ?




I think it’s strange and not very helpful to keep adding features in certain places.

I don’t care about a web version, I don’t think I’d ever use it, I haven’t used my traditional banks online service in years, but others are different.

Web is now business only. Pot sorting is Android only.

It’s not a big deal, maybe for most, but I think it doesn’t keep things simple or people happy. Maybe the web version will be for Plus and paid, maybe it won’t, but it’s dangling a carrot that people can’t chew.


What is your rationale for not offering it to personal customers?


Because they are the business team?


I like the sounds of this :+1:


Maybe it was to be part of Plus (although seems like a bad idea to charge for it IMO)?

I can help answer this! We have a bit more work to do to make it ready for a significantly bigger population. We have over 4m personal account users, and managing a platform to that extent just takes a bit more time and effort to be 100% positive that the system can handle the increased load capacity should everyone try to access it simultaneously. Behind the scenes we have some really complex systems - and a team of amazing engineers who make sure everything runs smoothly. We’ve built the platform to be reliable and scalable, but we want to start small and iterate, making sure it’s fully ready for 4m+ people when we roll it out to personal accounts too. Hope that helps clarify a bit :pray:


Great to see a web interface for business accounts. I can understand the need for this especially with multiple users.

For personal accounts I don’t see a benefit besides checking the last few transactions, contacting support & freezing your card. I think the current personal web interface allows most of this but it does need a freshen up to show roundups in a the same way as they are displayed in app etc.

Monzo has always come across to me as app first so I wouldn’t want them to loose site of that.


When do you expect to have international payments in place. I only deal with one customer but it would be of use that i can go full monzo banking without needing another account. I do like the idea of a web interface for clarity and not squinting at my phone

I would say don’t hold your breath on it happening anytime soon, I opened a TransferWise account to cover any international business I get.

Anyone tried this on a tablet? Is it a PWA?

Also, what do people think the advantages of a web version for Personal accounts are or could be? Besides the obvious: bigger screen, access on more devices. What features (current or potential) do you think would be better or cool on a bigger screen, with keyboard and mouse etc.

P.S. for a first version it already looks loads better than a lot of the legacy efforts.

Hi - Can you open foreign currency accounts with Monzo Business - we need Sterling and Euro accounts. If not, is this in the pipeline any time soon?

No, and no time frame currently

I think the experience of obtaining information about and opening various 3rd party products is always going to be constrained in a phone app. I’m thinking of products which are either currently or conceivably in the future available through Monzo (e.g. savings accounts, investment accounts, insurance products, energy switches, mortgages, etc).

For those already available inside the Monzo app I think it’s a relatively poor experience compared to doing these things on a big screen with other providers.

Hey John, we don’t have exact date at the moment. But it’s something we’ve been looking into and is high on our priority list! So definitely keep an eye out for more updates coming soon.

It would be really useful if there was an option in the mobile notification to “Remember this device”, which would let people log back into Monzo Web using the magic link only (without requiring the use of a phone).

Hey TJS, this is something we’d love to do but don’t have any plans for it just yet

Would love to be able to create invoices from the Web view!

(sorry if this has already been suggested)

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