Lost confidence in Monzo IMO but il keep it as spending Acc

Hi :wave: I’ve had a Monzo account for a few years and I think they are amazing.

Especially now and over the last few months I’ve heard reports of accounts suddenly closing and getting frozen. I understand that is the law and the can’t disclose anything. I know a few people without no reason recently just had emails saying they are closing your account

I’m happy to keep account open for a spending account but more and more resports I am seeing and actually witnessed it :unamused: lost confidence

Unless you saw their bank statements in full there’s no way of knowing what they did to cause concern enough to close the account. Monzo need accounts to make money, closing them for absolutely no reason isn’t something they do


I guess if I had the same experience as you, I’d feel the same way too.

I only use Monzo as a spending account, but for different reasons.

From my understanding nothing just a random email after his benefit went into his account he received an email advising of account closure then account blocked

As I said you don’t know what he was doing with the account before that :woman_shrugging:


Also trying to email to find out to get access to his benefit, they have an automated message specifically for his number advising him nobody can take his call I have heard it

It seems that these posts come in waves. Suddenly they flood the forum, lots of posts from new users on a Saturday, then nothing for weeks before it happens again

Not saying there’s a pattern, but…

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Yes I agree with that but why would he lie and the Monzo blocking numbers is true.

I’ve worked in financial crime. I can assure you banks don’t close or freeze accounts for no reason. There must be suspicious activity on the account not consistent with the person’s normal spending habits.


I agree with what you are saying but obviously they are some what cause it to happen but occasionally they have to be innocent people caught up in the reviews etc. If you are innocent which I believe he is, then closing account then no way to at least try and fight your corner is worrying for eg blocking your number for calling and no access to app chat, no branches etc

Technically speaking if your friend banked with another bank they should also have flagged the issue and the same thing may have happened.

Banks have little autonomy when it comes to suspected suspicious activity and they must follow the legislation.

The title “Lost confidence in Monzo” should actually be “More confidence in Monzo” as they are taking their legal requirements seriously and robustly.


I happy to leave it, but I agree with everything your saying I was only explaining why I have lost my confidence in Monzo but as I explained I think they are great but until you seen it happen you wouldn’t really know. It’s the no phone lines, no branches and no app chat etc yeah their email but days of waiting is not good enough

I don’t mean to be awkward, but - you don’t and you can’t know if he’s innocent.

Although not with bank accounts, I can think of plenty of times when people I know have behaved improperly and denied or failed to disclose it, including instances where this is because they didn’t even realise or think they’d done anything wrong.

(paraphrased real example: “I’m banned from Xbox Live? This is rubbish! I haven’t done anything wrong! I’m going to tell my mum and she will appeal for me!” “Hello mum, you son used racist and abusive language against multiple players and that’s why he’s staying banned.”)


How do you stop replies don’t want it to get into a heated debate I just wanted to express my views etc

If you change this to mute then you’ll stop being notified of replies but people will keep replying to the thread if they wish


How are you so certain that he’s wrong and can’t possibly have all the facts seeing as OP knows the person yet you can be certain you are right also without knowing them or knowing any facts?

I’m not I’m just saying that nobody apart from the account holder knows everything about their account although there’s no financial incentive to close an account for no reason and Monzo have to abide by the law and will be able to identify risk factors

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Or maybe the account holder shared all the details with the OP?

Going by @MKWarrior55’s profile, they are in the USA. Is this ‘friend’ whose account’s been blocked using Monzo in the UK or US?


I always get very concerned with these posts… I am sure their are some fraudsters out there but the assumption from some people that everyone posting an issue/complaint is up to no good is very sad.

Objectively there are a lot of issues with being able to contact Monzo, just the other day I saw a post about Monzo experimenting with hiding the chat button. When your bank leaves you no other recourse but to try and seek help in a public forum like this (regardless of the law) having a go at the OP is not the right way to go about it nor does it, IMO reflect well on Monzo.

There is a possibility that Monzo are wrong here and unless you blindly subscribe to Tom’s comments that 95% of fraud caught is real which I think the media has suitably disproved then maybe the best thing to do is flag this for a moderator and leave the topic alone