Account balance not updated after withdrawal from savings pot

Over the weekend I have withdrawn money from my Easy Access Savings Pot into my joint current account. The funds have been scheduled to be moved today at afternoon. When I opened the app this morning the withdrawal hasn’t taken place yet, which is fine. I opened the app in the afternoon and I saw the withdrawal transaction in the account’s latest history but the account balance wasn’t reflecting it. I then got out of the app, closed the app and reopened it. The account balance was now reflecting the withdrawal correctly.

Details to reproduce:
Withdraw money from the interest paying money pot.
Wait until the money has been withdrawn.
Open the app, the account balance will be incorrect, the operation will be visible in the latest history though.
Leave the app.
Close the app.
Open the app again.
The account balance is correct now.

Android 10
Security patch level: 5 December 2019
Google Play system update: 1 December 2019

Google Pixel 4

App Version:


It’s because the feed hadn’t updated from the last time you had the app open. Next time switch to the payment tab and switch back and it will update the feed for you.

Thanks but that doesn’t sound like a solution. I think the account balance and the transaction history should be always in sync, plus the account balance should always reflect the the current state. If the transaction history was displaying the withdrawal it means the app fetched some information about it and I would expect it also to trigger the account balance refresh or otherwise indicate the balance is not up to date.

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It should, but it isn’t. I assume it doesn’t do constant check and fetch because it would drain your battery.