Abroad in Africa, Fraud in The UK. To freeze or to be frauded

My card is being used in London, England and if I freeze my card to stop that use, I won’t be able to access my card or cash until I return home. And thanks to Covid, I haven’t been able to get home for months. Monzo where has your chat app feature gone? Why is it so hard to find help these days?

Search ‘contact us’ in the help section. Or tap on the transaction and select the option that you don’t recognise the payment

They’ll be able to issue a replacement to where you are now. Freeze the card. You can always quickly defrost it if you need to before youve ordered the replacement

I would freeze the card, and then if you’re desperate for cash/purchases, unfreeze it for the time it takes to use it.

Not ideal, but in such a bizarre situation, it may help.


Freeze the card. You have just publicly said that your card has been used fraudulently - if you don’t freeze it you are being negligent and will be liable. Monzo will send you a new card to wherever you are (for a fee) assuming where you are has a decent postal network.

The same thing happened to me when i was in Italy. I just froze my card and thawed it as and when i needed to use it.

Request a new one, they’ll ship it out to you overseas. :slight_smile: