My card has been attempted fraudulently abroad

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I’m based in Scotland, and I have received 2 notifications saying my card has been declined at an ATM in New York, I have frozen the card, but not sure if I should do anything else. Any suggestions?

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Please contact in-app support chat immediately, either by tapping “Something Wrong? Tell Us!” and then “I don’t recognise this transaction” on the transaction screen or from the help section of the app.

We’ll take a look at what happened and advise further. :slightly_smiling_face:


My card is being used in Brazil. I started a chat at 6.30 to inform you tried to call but goes to answer phone. Do not state that chat is 24/7 it clearly isn’t

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Freeze you card. Support will get back to you soon.


I have it’s just frustrating monzo taking so long. I appreciate it’s a Friday night!

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Yeah, support is having to deal with a high volume of queries today. Your turn will come, just leave full details in in-app chat so that they can look into it.


The queries are very loud? :thinking:

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Hi Jac,

I’m very sorry for the wait times for support right now. You absolutely will be refunded for any and all fraudulent use of your card within 24 hours of you reporting the transactions (subject to our investigations).

To apologise, I asked a member of the team to find and resolve this as soon as possible.

We run a 24/7 operation in support, however at times, there can be a backlog. The delays right now are largely due to us having at least one outage on our prepaid cards every single day so far this week, meaning the team has had little time to fully recover (both the queues and ourselves).

To put some perspective on this, in the last five days, we were nearing an additional 2,000 conversations per day on top of our regular workload.

We agree that this is 100% not acceptable long term and are, of course, continuing to scale the whole of Customer Operations. In particular, we are hiring new squad captains, night and weekend COps, and for our dedicated calls and social media team.

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