Tips for safety abroad and avoiding scams

Hello! I’ve been using Monzo since July 2018. I like it so much that now it’s the only bank account I have in the UK, which means I get my monthly salary paid to my Monzo.

What happens if my card is cloned? I guess the only way the card could be used is by contact less payments, is that correct? I wonder if many contactless transactions in a short period of time would be recognized as a secure threat? Or the only way to be safe is to make sure I have international roaming activated on my phone and keep special attention to Monzo transactions.

Thanks for your advice!

Do Monzo have card controls like Starling do?

I know when I go to the US next month, when I’m not using the card, I will just freeze/unfreeze the card as and when I use it. I do it here in the UK as a matter of course. It just helps me keep control of my card, so yesterday for instance, I bought some items from my local garage and I had to unlock my card at the cash desk before I could swipe with contactless. As soon as the transaction was done, I locked it again. Inconvenient for some I realise, but for me it has become second nature.

The best thing to do is keep an eye on notifications. If something comes up that you know wasn’t you then freeze your card in app and contact support

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I think this person is talking about using their card abroad, where they may not have data, or have to pay roaming rates for data.

If they have a UK phone plan then, at the moment, you should be able to use your data in other EU countries without extra charge.

If you are outside the EU then it would be roaming rates, or a local SIM (which is generally way cheaper, depending on your UK plan).

I wouldn’t be too concerned, as noted below just make sure to check whenever you go on wi-fi. This combined with Monzo’s fraud algorythms are likely enough to limit any damage, and I think you would be refunded anyway (not 100% on that though).

Just check using free WiFi when available. If you see a fraudulant transaction, freeze your card and contact in-app support.

If you’re constantly freezing your card you obviously have internet access. So, I don’t really get why you would freeze it except when you need to pay. Unless you’re turning roaming on when you need to pay to unfreeze, pay, freeze and then roaming off. Seems a bit much, when checking your transactions once a day/couple of days is more than sufficient.

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