✅ Ability to copy full card number from the app

Yes the update is that this is a not a priority. :slight_smile:

Not making a decision is also a decision.


This is a genuinely good feature & saves users effort & make their lives easier making purchases online (afterall isn’t that one of Monzo’s functions?)

I don’t know why people are treating it like a joke. It’s not. Revolut offers this and I’ve never had issues with it. It would be great if it made available in Monzo.


I’m pretty sure Monzo only has one purpose that is to make money for its investors. This may help that cause but apparently not enough for it to be prioritised.

That’s a very cynical view and one I’m happy to report is not true.

Our mission is to make money work for everyone. That means, whilst we need to be profitable to sustain ourselves as a business, generating income is most certainly not our “one purpose”. Features like Gambling Block, for example, don’t earn us any money. In fact, by reducing the levels of card payments significantly in a category, that’s reducing interchange fees that we earn.


lol I love how you replied quickly to come to defence for the company that is paying you to defend their image. Otherwise have just been ignoring this thread.

And no it’s not cynical view. It’s realist. I don’t believe we live in a merry little world where everyone is a wonderful person with only the best intention for the world. Nope. If that was the case we wouldn’t be living with problem like climate change, human trafficking. All those exist before people and corporations like you want to make as much money as possible in the short run.

You’re there to make money. They are called investors not philanthropists.

Everyone isn’t, but I’d firmly state that most people here at Monzo are. I wouldn’t work here otherwise.

We are working on several methods to address social problems, primarily around how to help and support people that are denied bank accounts from other banks, whether that’s the homeless, or refugees, or people with non-standard forms of ID that aren’t accepted by other banks. We’re leading projects around financial education. We support socio-economic diversity in our hiring. We do a huge amount of work to support vulnerable customers.

These aren’t projects that are led by any kind of capitalist greed.


Jesus, Monzo, when are you going to get around to solving this!


When you’ve solved climate change @simonb, I’d also really appreciate the ability to copy my card number in app.

It’s becoming less of an issue these days (with 1Password and Apple’s autofill features), but there have been numerous times this would have come in handy recently! :+1:


I’ve just had a dig around in company Slack and it appears that this is definitely on the agenda!!! :partying_face:

A few engineers have been working on it in their “Monzo Time” :slight_smile:


Nice! This would definitely be a useful feature

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Right after custom images for pots, I suspect. Got to get the important stuff done first :joy:

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Any update on this please? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m afraid there’s no meaningful updates on this just yet, but it’s still on the agenda.


Thanks, I don’t like saving my card details in chrome/safari so having it in the app would be bril!


When this becomes a thing it would be cool to give the customer an option if they even want to receive a physical card. Apple / Google pay + this would cover a good 90+% of my usage.

Less cost on card production/postage + better for the environment. :earth_americas:


Wouldn’t suit me, but great idea!

Forgive my ignorance, but surely this is fairly easy to implement? At the moment I’m relying on a locked iOS note :sob:

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This is such a good idea! :clap:t3: I literally don’t use my physical card.


Agreed it wouldn’t suit everyone.

Every customer (for example) would still be offered a physical card at any time if they declined upon signup. Obviously at no cost like now.

Could simply be a toggle in the settings as to your preference.


I would like to have the feature of having the card numbers, expiry and csv in the app as well. Just like Starling.

In my case it’s a question of accessibility - am visually impaired.

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