Ability to copy full card number from the app


It’s not about other options. We need this. That’s all. There’s always other ways to do things.

(Sean) #62

Its driving me nuts that I can’t see the card number, CCV etc in the app.

In iOS the app is hidden behind my finger print.


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(UnknownPANIC) #64

Just an idea that i’m sure has already been addressed on the forum already but is :monzo: planning to have all the card details added onto the account tab?

By that i mean the full card number, expiry date and CVV number,
I don’t personally understand any security issues as this is locked behind touch ID on the app. Besides all the card info is already written on the card itself making more secure than if i lost my card.

I know a particular purple themed bank that shall not be mentioned that does this and it works very well.

In the age of paying for everything on your phone and leaving the wallet at home it makes sense surely?
Taking out my phone for all the info to buy something on line is so much more convenient.

I can understand if Monzo didn’t want to do this for whatever reason - My question is why not?

(Jack) #65

Hey @UnknownPANIC

I’ve transferred your post here as there’s already a discussion going on, hope you don’t mind.


This was discussed here few months ago;


I agree, this is sorely needed and I can’t see any reason to hide the details given other competitors offer this. Monzo does seem to have a different security model in that you can leave the app unlocked, but this could easily be solved by having the card as it is now with a Reveal button or tap to reveal needing a PIN/fingerprint.

On a somewhat similar side note, I’d love to be able to generate virtual cards for online use and keep the physical card for in-person transactions (which I rarely need thanks to Apple Pay).

(lee) #68

Can we un- star the card, expiry and add the 3 digits in the app like starling? (and finally update the MasterCard logo while we’re at it too).

(Jack) #69

Hi @lee-am

Just doing a bit of tidying up and so relocated your post to the main thread :slight_smile:

(Jack) #70

So here’s the situation… I’m currently in bed attempting to purchase some cinema tickets, but unfortunately I’ve left my wallet in the car. I’m far to cosy to leave the bed and trundle downstairs at 1am :sleeping:.
Luckily Safari remembers most of the card details :clap:
Unfortunately it leaves me to guess the expiry date…
So trial and error occurs…

In case you can’t tell I gave up trying.
If only the details were stored within the app :see_no_evil:

UPDATE: clearly I’m sleepy as I only just realised the expiry date in the app is correct (I thought they were place holders)! Although ideally should be able to view the full card number and security code on the back.

(Colin Robinson) #71

Guess I must be doing too much online shopping as I’ve memorised the expiry date and the number on the back :shopping_cart:

(Jack) #72

I’m useless with remembering stuff like this :frowning:


Same here lol

(Peter Roberts) #74

I have the details in my password manager, it works quite well

(Ricky Nos) #75

Another example, ran out the other day without my wallet. I’m doing this more often now with a contactless phone and instant transaction details in app it’s a dream.
Anyway went to park car and no change in the car park secret spot. No worries pay by phone app.
Problem is Google remembers my card number but not the 3 pin security number on the back!!!

To have these details available in app is a must in this modern age we are living in. Put it behind a pin or fingerprint access if needed but please give us this functionality.


Fellow NG investor I see :eyes:

(Matt) #77

Surely implementing this should take a dev a day at most, and then a further day of testing. Very low effort feature. So why so long to take any action on it? Or if you don’t want to add it, tell us so people stop asking for it! Like people have said, stick it behind TouchID / FaceID and there’s no problem.

I do like peoples suggestions of adding it to password manager, I use LastPass and haven’t even thought ot use this feature.


:joy: You must be new here. That’s not how Monzo works. It took them like a year to come up with hashtags for custom categories. I don’t see this happening this year.

(Ravi) #79

This annoyed me so much last night when I needed my details that I came on here to start a thread. Lo and behold, there’s already been a massive discussion.

I remembered the picture of the debit card on the account screen so went to copy the details. I’d never noticed that the details were hidden! **What’s the point of even showing the image of it if the details are hashed? **

I actually would have had no expectation of having the card details in the app if it weren’t for that image!

(Sean) #80

Is there any update on this?

As the great Dane Bowers once said. “Its bugging me”