Ability to copy full card number from the app

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ah sorry I thought we were talking about the security of the app and your responsibility for keeping your details secure :slight_smile:


bluring the card details when doing a screenshot may make sense, but I would not want all sensitive data obscured, like transaction data for example.

(Kieran McHugh) #43

No, it doesn’t show this :slightly_smiling_face:

Having a facility to view your PAN securely in the app would be a good feature in my opinion and I’ll pass on that feedback.

In the future we’re hoping to make it easy to share your attachments with third party services. For this reason, attachments should be used for receipts only, not sensitive data.

Monzo have layers of security in place to make sure we handle PANs properly, and not even staff see them. Uploading a picture of your full PAN to anywhere, including Monzo, would undermine the security we have in place.

An exception is using a well-configured password manager with a high-entropy password. On 1password, images are encrypted with your account key and master password.

Hope this helps.


Oh for sure. Most of the screenshots people post on here seem to self-blur/remove their balance, references, personal names, larger transactions etc. Obviously toggles in settings would be great.

(Simon) #45

$3 per month to save a few passwords is excessive! I’m more likely to store my card details in a plain text document and save myself £30 a year

(Harry) #46

On iOS, I use Safari keychain for my card numbers and expiry then have a password protected note for CVVs.

Is it bad that I know all my Monzo details by heart though?! :sweat_smile:


There are plenty of alternatives available that are cheaper. I use Keepass, for example, and am very happy with it (although the iOS clients for it are all a bit unsatisfactory, I think).

Also, don’t know about you, but “a few passwords”? More like a few hundred for me. Add all the “security questions” and I easily get above 1000 entries…

(Simon) #48

I find keychain to be great for most things, integrates well with my phone and MacBook, is free and backs up to the cloud. Just a bit of a pain for non standard info on iOS. On the desktop you can add secure notes but I don’t think I can access them on my phone. May be wrong there though.

(Kieran McHugh) #49

I disagree - I use 1Password for everything and it’s well worth the money.

I’m not well versed on the subject, but this could potentially be considered negligence and should anything bad ever happen you might not be protected.

Please don’t store sensitive info in plain text! :slight_smile:

Apple Keychain is a good, secure alternative too.


Yeah, I think if you are apple only, keychain is a pretty good solution.

(Eve) #51

All my card details are stored on Safari keychain so usually I just go into my saved cards/passwords and simply copy the whole chain of numbers if the field doesn’t already let me auto-click to input these. Just a small workaround. Starling usually takes longer to load for me compared to Monzo (maybe due to the fingerprint lock) so it wouldn’t be faster for me than simply typing “credit” in my settings search bar

Thankfully Monzo’s sort code is easy to remember… I have to login twice in Santander because navigating away from the app locks it instantly


I use the Google Smart Lock thing which is far more convenient than a third party app. I just wish more apps integrated it better.


Yeah, it’s pretty good. I mainly use Keepass, because I have used it since long before this was released. Also, it works on all my devices (Windows, android, Linux, iOS). And from Oreo onwards it also integrates really well with Android.

Finally, it works very well with “type characters 8,9,15 of your password”, and thanks to auto type websites can’t block me from using it :slight_smile:

As you may notice, I’m a pretty big fan of Keepass :wink:


I’ve had this same issue, needing my entire card number when my wallet was elsewhere. I don’t see any reason why Monzo wont give us the option in the app, even hide it behind touchID like the pin number is

(Johnny Ellwood) #55

KeePass is free and compatible for all devices

(Andre Borie) #56

The only problem I have with Keepass is sync being a pain. That’s why I ultimately went with 1Password.


I’ve got it in syncing through Google drive. Works very well for me. But I think you are on iOS? It’s a pain there!

(Andre Borie) #58

Yeah iOS was a pain. There is no way to transparently open files from iCloud Drive I believe, so it has to “import” the file from there, and then “export” it again - no way for it to seamlessly work on the file directly in the cloud.

(Tom ) #59

I’ve moved your post here @Vladislav as it seems it’s a regular first world problem! :joy:

I’d also like to have the long card number in-app but currently use 1Password like @kieranmch to keep my card number handy and secure.


Lastpass is also a good option and the free version has all the functionality I need.